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Energetic Guys Ready For Some Cock & To Make Some Money

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Dorian Kross, Grey Donovan

Dorian Kross and Grey Donovan both like to get their beauty sleep, but hopefully all that sleep they got today will have them energetic and ready for some cock!  Making out, they pull off their clothes and Grey gets on his knees in front of Dorian, mouthing Dorian’s cock through his underwear as he teases that shaft. Pulling the barrier away, Grey takes Dorian’s dick in his mouth and sucks that cock, Dorian’s hand resting on his head as he encourages Grey to take it deeper.  They switch places so that Dorian gets to give Grey head, kneeling on the floor as he chokes and gags on Grey’s long shaft until they’re both ready to fuck.

Lying on the bed, Dorian invites Grey to straddle him, Grey’s ass positioned just above Dorian’s erect cock as he slowly lowers himself onto that hard prick.  Riding that cock, he adjusts to the thickness and length in his ass as Dorian fucks him raw, trying another position that gives Dorian even more control.  Kneeling behind him on the bed, Dorian pounds Grey in his taut little ass, making him moan as he pulls his hair and dominates that sweet little bottom until he makes Grey shoot his load across the sheets.  A few more deep thrusts into Grey’s ass has Dorian busting a nut next, spreading Grey’s ass cheeks and cumming right between them as he strokes out the last of his seed.

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