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Axel Kane Fucks Grey Donovan With Some Talented SkillsAdd Movie to your Favorites
Axel Kane, Grey Donovan

Grey Donovan has been at the house all week, but that doesn’t mean he’s had enough, in fact, he’s ready to get things started with sexy Axel Kane.  Making out and undressing, their sculpted and toned bodies press together, those delicious round asses enticing as Grey kneels down to taste Axel’s cock.  Grey works that dick with his mouth as his lips travel the full length of Axel’s shaft, getting him good and hard before replacing his mouth with his ass, lowering himself slowly onto Axel’s fat prick.  Grey takes every inch of Axel inside of him before riding him hard, bouncing up and down on that cock reverse cowboy as Axel spanks him from behind. 

But Axel wants to take control as he lays Grey back on the bed, holding his legs apart and pushing his bareback dick into him, fucking him fast and deep as Grey moans but takes that cock.  Flipping around onto his stomach, Grey bottoms for Axel and gets his tight and sore ass pounded so hard as Axel slams into him over and over, the sounds of their skin slapping together and their pleasured moans filling the room.  Grey grabs his own prick and strokes it gently until he nuts all over the bed, Axel pulling out to cum next as he shoots his load between Grey’s ass!

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