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Derek Gets His Tight Hole Bred By Grey Then Creampied

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Grey Donovan , Derek Cline

Grey Donovan and Derek Cline are ready to give our members a good scene since it’s the last one of the week and they want to go out with a bang!  Stripping down and making out, it’s not long before Grey is sucking on Derek’s delicious meat, that cock pulling in and out of his mouth as Derek leans back and lets Grey take it all.  As Derek gets harder, Grey gets hornier and needs a mouth around his dick and Derek is eager to oblige, wrapping his soft, full lips around Grey’s prick and deepthroating it until he chokes. 

When Derek’s done pleasing Grey with his mouth, he does it with his ass next as he spreads that sweet ass wide open and lets Grey inside of him, fucking him hard and raw as Derek moans with each deep thrust.  Slowing down a little, Grey lets Derek enjoy getting filled up with his hard cock as he fucks him gently while Derek lies on his side, taking every inch of that pulsing prick.  When Derek turns onto his back and grabs his own dick, stroking it until he cums, Grey can’t take much more of that tight hole and cums right inside of Derek’s ass, pushing back inside and pushing that jizz deeper as he leans in for one more kiss.

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