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Dorian Kross

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  • Age: 24
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 155
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 9.0 (23cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.55/5

In his own words:

"I am a fun loving and outgoing person who never meets a stranger. "

Our comments:

"Dorian is a very kind and genuine guy. His personality and talents give him a potential to go a long way in life."

  • Bobby Pulls Dorians Dick Out

    Dorian Kross bottoms for Bobby Owens, that bareback cock deep in him as Bobby fucks the cum out of him!

  • Jos Fucking Dorians Hole Bareback

    Jos Alvarez shows Dorian Kross his deep-throating skills and then bends him over and shoves his big thick cock into his tight hole.

  • Dorian Kross Dominates Grey Donovan

    Dorian Kross dominates sexy Grey Donovan, taking that ass and making him cum hard!

  • Dorian Fucking Chris Bareback

    Two cute young men: Dorian and Chris. We hope you enjoy Dorian fucking Chris bareback in many sexy positions!

  • Dorian Kross Jerks Off

    When we first met him, we knew Dorian had something special about him, but when we got Dorian in the studio we realized he was a natural. This is one of the best solo scenes that we have had the pleasure of filming in a long time. We hope you enjoy!

  • Getting To Know Dorian Kross

    Check out our newest model, Dorian Kross. Life isn't easy for most and Dorian is certainly no exception. Find out in this interview how he is taking the bad and making it work for the good.

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  • Gr57wf425tr on 10/16/2022

    I have to give Chris a lot of credit for taking Dorian's cock, especially all the abuse that came with it. Dorian is someone you need to be on your best game.

    • Gr57wf425tr on 10/13/2021

      What he believes outside of the bed, is his business. I'm not interested in his politics, I only care about him being in my bed. He is a fine, good looking, with a very big cock.

      • samanddon on 07/17/2021

        Just viewed again all his scenes. lets get him back. please. Wore my dick out. His energy is great.

        • anonymous on 04/02/2021

          I don't care if he is a Trumper. He is GREAT

          • yaritza on 06/26/2020

            he may have a nice dick, but he's a trump supporter. check his twitter.

            • pres1444 on 04/02/2019

              Please bring him back

              • rickster96056 on 12/21/2018

                So far I watched him in an interview (hope stays clean and sober) and I've watched his solo. Such a sweet innocent face but my money is on him being a maniac in the sheets! I'll find out when I watch the rest of the scenes he's done so far. I hope he stays around for a very long time!

                • mannion on 03/05/2018

                  I looked Dorian up after seeing a comment in the Forum. I'm glad I did. I gave him five stars and would definitely love to see him come back. I hope that he is okay and has been able to stay clean and sober. And that is definitely one of the bigger dicks I've seen on BSB. I'd like to see more.

                  • BSBDorianKross on 08/12/2018

                    I’m back. Stay tuned!

                    • Reparareur on 11/19/2018

                      I’m glad. And your bottom scene was really hot.

                    • explorer01 on 12/12/2018

                      Hey Dorian! You're doing great! Your scenes are super hot!

                • Ricklovesfun on 01/16/2018

                  where is dorian?

                  • JustinYu on 11/09/2017

                    Dorian, Where are you?