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  • Age: 25
  • Height: 6.2 (188cm)
  • Weight: 185 (84 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.4/5

In his own words:

"I just need some money, and this is a good way to do that as well as escape for a few days."

Our comments:

"Sergio Valen has a great head on his shoulders, and he is definitely the life of the party. Sergio is also drop-dead gorgeous, which always helps!"

Producer comments:

"What a bod on this sexy Italian stud!"

  • Porn Never Sleeps - Ep 8 04-16-2016

    The last episode of the BSB TV series is here, and it'll leave you wanting more. Get caught up in the drama and intrigue as both the models and the staff start to reach their breaking point!

  • The Revolving Door - Ep 6 04-02-2016

    In this episode the crew welcomes Damien Kyle back to the house after Jimmy ends up going home, and we get a glimpse at what happens when the boys have a little too much fun!

  • Someone's Gotta Go - Ep 5 03-26-2016

    Episode 5 of BSB TV shows just how quickly an argument can escalate between the guys, and we find out who's really straight when the boys are given a lie detector test!

  • Family Matters - Ep 4 03-19-2016

    Episode 4 is here! Enjoy the next adventure with the guys as you get to see more behind the scenes drama and get to meet the girlfriend of one of the models!

  • The Moment Of Truth - Ep 3 03-12-2016

    In Episode 3 of BSB TV, we get a little deeper into the guys' relationships, seeing how they deal with family and friends finding out about the porn, and how it goes when they want to meet someone new...

  • Viva Las Vegas - Ep2 03-05-2016

    Episode 2: Our boys Sergio, Paul, Jimmy and Denver head to Vegas to join in the pride festival, but it's not all fun and games, and sometimes things don't go according to plan...

  • Welcome To Broke Straight Boys Ep1 02-27-2016

    Its Here! The Season Premier of Broke Straight Boys TV. Now available to all BSB Members included in your membership: In this episode learn about the guys and what its like living in the BSB house.

  • Sergio Valen And Ronan Kennedy Flip 07-18-2014

    Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy are both a little nervous about taking a dick, but once they get to fucking and sucking they both seem to enjoy themselves!

  • Sergio Valen And Jake Tipton Flip 07-02-2014

    Sergio and Jake have one big thing in common...both of these boys have never taken a dick up the ass before, well at least Sergio... So of course we’re going to help them both out.

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Dimitri Thomas 06-25-2014

    Dimitri is about to get his ass-cherry popped by Sergio! That's right, it's his very first time taking a dick, and you know Sergio's going to enjoy fucking that tight little virgin ass hole!

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Vadim Black 05-18-2014

    Watch as tall and handsome Sergio fucks Vadim's tight Russian ass raw in this super hot scene!

  • Sergio Fucks Tristan Stiles 01-26-2014

    Sergio Valen makes sure Tristan Stiles will be bowlegged for a week. The studs first share some tentative kissing (Tristan is a kissing expert), and when the blonde boy hits his back that hole is stuffed. Sergio pounds with no mercy until cum is lost!

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Jason Matthews 01-22-2014

    Sergio Valen and Jason Matthews make sparks fly in this update. There is sloppy dick sucking and kissing! When it comes to fucking, Jason's hole is stretched to the max by Sergio's stick! At the end, Jason's stomach and chest are drenched with man milk.

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Cage Kafig 01-10-2014

    Sergio Valen's curved rod opens up Cage Kafig's man hole. Cage's cave is tight, so a dildo is used to loosen him up. It only helps a little because the poor bottom groans the second Sergio is in. After some deep pounding, both shoot out tons of juice!

  • Sergio Valen And Tate Thompson 12-27-2013

    Sergio Valen finds out in this video that Tate Thompson has a sweet mouth and ass! Tate works his magical tongue on Sergio's rod, getting it ready to fill up his man hole. On his back Tate opens up, grunting and groaning as he's fucked into next week.

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Johnny Forza 12-06-2013

    Sergio Valen gives Johnny Forza's ass the type of meat injection it needs! First the two studs make out and suck dick. Johnny squats over Segrio's hard rod and takes a seat. He rides before Sergio takes over. He gives those pale butt cheeks a workout!

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Romeo James 10-23-2013

    Sergio Valen and Romeo James burn the bed in this update. There is some serious pole licking from both, but Sergio bare fucks Romeo into the middle of next week. He makes the boy groan and curse. At the end, Sergio's cum lands in Romeo's open hole!

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Adam Baer 10-04-2013

    Adam Baer's boy hole is royally plowed by Sergio Valen! Before the raw fucking, the studs make out and suck each other's rods. Then Adam assumes the position, doggie, and Sergio pierces those pale butt cheeks. When it ends, Adam shoots a stream of juice!

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Kaden Alexander 09-21-2013

    Kaden Alexander returns to be fucked raw by Sergio Valen. When Sergio gets in that ass, he pounds with the entire length of his massive tool. Kaden is split in two, but loves every stroke. At the end, Sergio nuts all over Kaden's mouth and chin.

  • Sergio Valen Shows Off 09-16-2013

    Craving an Italian All-American beefy sausage? Then you are going to love Sergio Valen! The stud might be straight, but he loves to show off. He strokes his tool and offers a peek of his virgin hole. His nut will impress for how high it shoots up!

Comments - Member's Only

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  • usmcbull on 03/02/2018

    love Sergio

    • joeman on 04/28/2017

      Sergio is one of the best looking guys on the site. I want to see more videos with him bottoming.

      • CRandallB on 05/17/2015

        glad this guy is gone. pretty, but what a WIMP! These str8 boys that come on in BSB, pounding the hell out of every guy put under them--then when it is their turn--oh no, that hurts!! won't even let the guy topping them get much past the head of their cock in. go home, little boy.

        • jwrienstra on 04/26/2015

          I think he is just gorgeous. He is what most men dream about. He is so good looking with a great body and of course a nice size dick. I love to see him in action.

          • soulburner on 01/23/2015

            when does he come back? he is so hot, and i think he needs some more dicks up his hot ass imao :-)

            • niterydr2000 on 11/08/2014

              SERGIO!! One of the top 10 here on BSB, thanks for sharing him.

              • XxdesperadoxX on 08/21/2014

                Sergio is hot, I think he needs to be properly topped! So far he has played "just the tip" with a couple guys.. Ronan was a bit over the top lol, the dude is hung like a horse and watching Sergio try and take that was just silly. Now put him with a guy who is patient and can stay hard long enough to get him properly broken in! I'd love to see Tate mount his ass! Even Sergio.. they both have the kind of stamina and they are well endowed but not HUGE. Sorry Sergio, if you want to stay "on top" you gotta give up that booty lol. I love watching a hung muscle boy get fucked.. better still I love fucking me a hung muscle boy but that's a story for another time ;-) Let's just say I have never met a well hung dude that didn't ride a dick like a boss!

                • juansho7 on 07/05/2014


                  • RowdEman on 01/22/2014

                    I would enjoy watching Sergio and Sonny do a tag team on someone. THAT would be hot!

                    • bstnguynow58983 on 01/19/2014

                      He's super hot, I like his whole swagger, I would like to see him bottom, maybe get tagged teamed by Brandon Beal and Kaden Alexander Taking turns on that sweet Italian ass, and his sexy mouth Do any of the guys like to get rimmmed or to rim,


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