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He Rims His Hole To Loosen Him Up Before He Fucks Him

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John Henry, Chandler Scott

Chandler Scott doesn’t get the opportunity to bottom too often, but since John Henry has been taking it up the ass more often than Chandler, we figure it’s only fair to get Chandler’s ass fucked this time! They get each other worked up with some light kisses, John teasing all the sensitive spots on Chandler’s body with his tongue then getting Chandler’s cock out and stroking it before getting head from Chandler. 

John lets a few moans escape as Chandler sucks John’s sweet cock until John decides he’d rather have Chandler’s ass around his cock than his mouth.  He bends Chandler over the bed and give him a rimjob to loosen that asshole a little bit before he spreads Chandler apart and slides his bareback prick inside of him, taking him slow and steady at first before he loses some control and fucks him harder. 

Chandler’s tight ass takes to John’s long cock pretty well as he gets his hole stuffed full of raw dick while he yanks on his own meat until he shoots his thick load all over himself.  John pounds Chandler’s ass a few more times before he pulls out and finishes with a very impressive cumshot!

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