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Vinnie Steel Fucks Ian DempseyAdd Movie to your Favorites
Ian Dempsey, Vinnie Steel

In this update Vinnie Steel will get to know what a tight male ass feels like. Ian Dempsey's delicious booty will be the place where this test happens.
"It's only gay if you make it gay," Vinnie says the cameraman. "That's my catch phrase for the day."
As to be expected, Vinnie is nervous, but he has no need to worry. Ian will be his "shepherd." How many of us would love to have Ian as a guide? LOL!
When the two strip, Vinnie insists he and Ian didn't plan to wear similar underwear. Sure, Vinnie. If you say so! LOL! Vinnie sucks first, opening his mouth for Ian's piece. For a
newbie, Vinnie has the deep throat down. He should offer lessons. Doesn't even choke or gag! LOL!
"Not bad for a first time, huh," Vinnie says to Ian.
"Not at all," Ian answers back.
It's time for Ian to return the favor.
"Yeah, suck that," Vinnie murmurs.
Ian likes to do what he's told, especially if it involves some pole love. He slobbers all over it, like an ice cream cone.
"All the way down," Vinnie commands.
Ian does so, his nose getting tickled by pube hair. Vinnie gives Ian a reach around for his efforts.
It's eating ass time, but Ian is doing the feasting. He puts his face between those two pale cheeks and slobbers all over the hairy hole.
"Yeah, that's it," Vinnie moans.
He grabs Ian's head so his scene partner won't take his tongue away.
After getting his ass rimmed, Vinnie lubes up to fuck. Ian gets all on fours and Vinnie parts those ass globes. He slow strokes Ian, making sure everything is felt. This might be
his first time fucking a guy, but Ian knows how to pleasure a bottom. He smacks those cheeks as he stuffs that booty.
Ian gets on his back and Vinnie gets back home. The fucking is balls deep and deliberate.
"Oh, fuck," Ian moans.
"Take that dick," Vinnie orders.
Ian jerks himself as he gets filled. The two boys are moaning and groaning, more than ready to pop.
"Oh, fuck. I'm going to cum," Ian announces.
His jizz explodes all over his side, making it wet and juicy.
Vinnie doesn't pull out at first. He keeps fucking that ass. He does eventually remove his dick from that boy cunt, and strokes until his cum coats the top of Ian's smooth
When given props for his screwing skills, Vinnie gives an answer that might make a T-shirt:
"It's only gay if you make it gay."

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