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Mikey Allens Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 135
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.39/5

In his own words:

"I love skatin' and music festivals. I've always had an interest in cooking delicious foods for friends and family and I'm working on getting into culinary school. "

Our comments:

"Michael's slacker skater style is the kinda vibe we enjoy having at the studio. Easy going and super chill."

  • Mikey And Nico After The Scene

    The boys certainly earned their pizza party as they lay naked, famished and sweaty. And satisfied.

  • Pizza Party Boys Fuck Raw

    Nico dominates Mikey with his Latin dick before they earn their pizza party. Watch how deep the sausage goes down Mikey's throat.

  • Mikey And Nico Before The Scene

    Have an inside look into Mikey and Nico's personal lives, as they share everything from nightlife to music tastes before their sexy scene.

  • Mikey And Cody After The Scene

    Mikey, as a first-time top, and Cody, as a first-time anything, get to reap the rewards of their sexual curiosity. What did Cody think of his debut experience, and will he be back for more?

  • Mikey Fucks Cody Raw

    For the first time Cody Cash gets pounded raw on video by Mikey's kinky self. The two make a sexy pair as this experienced/amateur duo each experience a first time for something...can you guess what it is?

  • Mikey And Cody Before The Scene

    Get a first-look preview of Cody's hard, fat cock and tight ass while he chats with Mikey about their upcoming scene. A few first times are about to come your way!

  • Mikey And Duncan After The Scene

    Mikey is satisfied with a dripping orgasm and cash, and Duncan is ready to experiment more with his sexual aggression in the near future.

  • Duncan Fucks Mikey Raw

    Duncan explores his rougher side as Mikey welcomes his cock with a tight ass and sexy moaning pleasure. The bareback ride satisfies them both as they combine cum all over Mikey’s front.

  • Mikey And Duncan Before The Scene

    Mikey and Duncan meet for the first time, both as novices wanting to explore their darker sides. They may enjoy straight fucking, but the nervous excitement between them is bound to expand their minds.

  • Mikey And Justin After The Scene

    Justin came so much on Mikey that his entire body was glistening. The guys briefly tell us about the fun scene they just filmed.

  • Soaked In Jizz

    Justin was waiting for the right time to get his hands on Mikey. And his hands end up on Mikey’s neck while he pounds him hard.

  • Mikey And Justin Before The Scene

    Justin changed his look, but didn’t change sides…yet. Mikey has had a little more fun in the bedroom recently. Find out what else these two dads tell us before they get down and dirty.

  • Mikey And Ashton After The Scene

    Ashton won the game, and collected his prize. Mikey tells us that he hasn’t been poked back there in a while. They talk to us before hitting the showers.

  • Double Or Nothing Lets Fuck

    After winning the game, Ashton wants a piece of Mikey, and Mikey keeps his promise. The guys suck each other off, and then Ashton makes Mikey’s ass his bareback.

  • Mikey And Ashton Before The Scene

    Ashton knows a lot about the industry, and tells us more about his experiences in it. Everyone loves Mikey’s short hair… except him. And a game will settle who is the top and bottom.

  • Gian And Mikey After The Scene

    Mikey is now covered in cum, and Gian is exhausted after putting all of his energy into pounding Mikey’s ass.

  • You Came All Over Me Bro

    When Mikey notices Gian watching some porn on his phone, he wants to please him instead. Gian is convinced, and the boys suck each other off before Mikey gives his ass to Gian.

  • Gian And Mikey Before The Scene

    Gian is back with us after a cool trip to Amsterdam, and is ready to top. Mikey takes a break from his life as a parent to give Gian the ass he was looking for.

  • Connor And Mikey After The Scene

    Mikey was able to take all of Connor’s dick, for the right price. Connor loves being dominant, and also enjoys tv shows with a dark theme. The boys chat with us as they catch their breath.

  • Connor Fucks Mikey Raw

    When Connor gets Mikey in his room, he shows his dark-haired friend some new tricks. Mikey thanks him by getting naked, and they boys have some playful fun.

  • Connor And Mikey Before The Scene

    Connor is back again, and this time we pair him with Mikey, who recently cut his hair. The guys talk about their vastly different routines at home, caring for a child, and being with a DILF.

  • Cuban Delight I'm Gonna Flip You

    Javier is new to the studio, but you'd never know it since he seems so relaxed as he sucks dick and takes it up the ass. But don't worry, his scene partner Gator gets a turn bottoming as well in this hot flip scene!

  • I'll Get On All Fours To Make Cash

    Mikey (or Gator, as he's known in the studio) is here with Holt and these sexy guys are in need of cash. Work has been hard to find, but they know they can cash in on their hot body and tight ass...and that's exactly why they're here!

  • Bottoms Up I Gotta Pay The Rent

    Mikey Allens gets down to suck Patrick's already hard cock. We hope you enjoy as these two get down and dirty!

  • Bros Before Hoes Because I Got Paid

    Mikey and Jake came to us as good friends, and their friendship is about to take a wild turn as they prepare to fuck! Sucking cock and fucking raw, Jake makes Mikey cum hard as he dominates that ass!

  • Confessions I Liked Gay Porn

    Jack confesses that he's done gay for pay for another site and wanted to come clean. We don't long as he puts on a hot show for us with scene partner Mikey!

  • Mikey Bends Over For Gino's Cock

    Mikey, who's from one of our sister sites, has found his way to BSB and our boy Gino is here to give him a warm welcome! Some cock-sucking gets them good and hard before Mikey bends over for that dick!

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  • clarblade131313 on 11/19/2022

    I would love to see him in more videos. He is very hot!

    • Bmilnes1977 on 01/07/2022

      He's real sexy but I wish he didn't cut his hair 😂

      • Maringuy58 on 09/21/2021

        Wow Mikey. You are such a hunk with the new hair cut. Ummmmmm Baby, I'm loving it. All this time you've been hiding the handsome stud that you are. One of the most incredible transformations really. I'd try it myself, but I hardly have any hair left! LOL

        • paddyomy on 09/13/2021

          Mikey is allo\ hotter clean cut.

          • ILMT2699 on 08/01/2021

            It is my wish for you to talk Gater into lleting one of the boyz cum in his ass

            • ILMT2699 on 08/01/2021

              OMG!!! What a fucking Great Twink Gater is

              • rjackjack on 12/27/2020

                I want to see him fuck one of those new boys. I love way he looks

                • rjackjack on 11/23/2020

                  Love Mikey, would love to see him kiss more, he looks like he really gets into it and he doing for good cause, Raising his family. More for you, come south, let me know love to kissing on you all over and vice versa

                  • br6205 on 11/15/2020

                    Does it all well but most add kissing as other top straight models do to get there.

                    • JrsDad on 10/19/2020

                      Good on him for not letting hard times keep him from providing. And right now, times are harder than his dick. Pretty fucking hard. He may be doing it just for the money, but he's enjoying himself too, which is WAY HOT. I love him. Pairing him with Calhoun Sawyer . . . I can't even let myself think about it. But that would be fabulous. I think his junk is mouthwatering, would love to see it close-up, hanging at my nose, the cock, the nuts, the nut nest, they look delicious and fragrant.