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Bottoms Up Fuck Me I Gotta Pay That Rent Somehow

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Mikey Allens, Patrick Raposa

We chat with Patrick and Mikey before their scene starts, finding out what they’re doing with all the money they’ve been earning here and what their plan is to earn more today!  When they strip down, they take a seat on the couch next to each other and start stroking their cock, getting harder with each pass of their hand over their dick.  Patrick leans in for some oral first, sucking Mikey’s shaft while Mikey reaches around to run his hand over Patrick’s dick.  Patrick’s head game is so good that we have to remind Mikey to take turns, and Mikey leans over to take Patrick’s prick in his mouth

Patrick watches as straight boy Mikey’s mouth wraps around that dick, pulling it in and out of his wet mouth before they decide to get fucking. Patrick bends over to take Mikey’s dick in his tight ass, on all fours on the futon as Mikey buries his length inside of Patrick.  Mikey stuffs Patrick’s hole full of his hard dick while Patrick plays with himself, flipping onto his back to take that raw cock from another angle.  A few more thrusts of that long shaft into Patrick’s sore hole and both these guys cum hard, their hot load covering Patrick as they both catch their breath!

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