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I'll Get On All Fours & Take Your Cock To Make Cash

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Mikey Allens, Holt Wood

Holt and Mikey "Gator" have been keeping busy outside the studio, trying to find jobs and make money, but until that happens they know where to come for a nice paycheck.  We set these guys loose on each other and they make out for a minute before Mikey gets his mouth stuffed full of Holt’s fat dick.  Holt reaches down to stroke Mikey’s cock while he gets his own dick sucked until that prick is rock hard and in need of a tight hole. 

Mikey gets on the bed on all fours and Holt enters him from behind, slowly pushing his member into Mikey’s ass as Mikey buries his face in the pillow as he gets stretched open.  As Holt goes deeper Mikey moans beneath him, his ass squeezing Holt’s pulsing cock as Holt picks up the pace and starts fucking Mikey faster.  Mikey flips over onto his back to get pounded raw from a different angle as Holt takes a minute to massage their dicks together before burying that cock back in Mikey’s sore hole.  Mikey works his own prick with his hand until Holt fucks the cum out of him, getting a few more minutes of ass-pounding in before pulling out to bust all over Mikey!

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