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Mikey And Nico Before The Scene

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Kinky bars. Dads versus daddies. Uncles. Electronic dance music, vibing and music festivals. Bars, free drinks. Poppers. Leather bars - Nico and Mikey cover an assortment of topics before diving into details of the upcoming scene.

Nico looks forward to topping, while Mikey (also known as Gator in the BSB studio) enjoys the laid-back kink of being bottom. As a straight guy, it's an ideal position to get fucked, similar to his true kink - getting pegged by his girlfriend. Mikey is a true 'gay for pay' model!

Similarly, Nico has been working hard being responsible to his family and himself. He's a sensitive guy who enjoyed spending his birthday with the Broke Straight Boys. Both of them are going to have to carbo-load after this upcoming scene - guaranteed to quench your thirst for kink.

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