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Dustin Michaels Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.9 (175cm)
  • Weight: 165 (75 kg)
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.34/5

In his own words:

"I needed some money, so I thought this may be one of the easier ways to get it. "

Our comments:

"Dustin is a well rounded guy with a great attitude and apt to succeed. "

  • Tricked Str8 Guy Into Doin Gay Porn

    Dustin's car breaks down so we pick him up. We run across another guy named Lane. He was about to go back to Atlanta but we tricked him and told him we would put him on Broke Straight Girls.

  • Straight Clean Cut Jock Gets Fucked

    Danny reminds me of a straight jock. He has never been fucked but I am going to try to change all that today. I bring in Dustin and Diesal to help out.

  • Straight Guy Declines 4k To Bottom

    I work on Dustin to try to get him to bottom and offer him 4k to bottom but he says no way because that is an exit only hole. I then try to get Dustin to kiss another guy while he tops Tyler. See what happens.

  • Jock Puts His Cock Inside Nerd Guy

    Dustin the jock is back and he is here with his nerdy friend Nelson. See how much these boys get to make some good gay porn.

  • Straight Boys Pull A Train Together

    These 3 boys give us one hot show.

  • Give The Guys A Hand & Mouth

    We bring in Michael and pair him up with Dustin and Tyler to help cross boundaries that he hasn't crossed before. They start with sucking his cock and go from there.

  • Two 19 Year Old Straight Guys Fuck

    one of these straight guys is going to get fucked in this scene. Be sure not to miss who it is.

  • We Pay Bros To Suck Bros Cocks

    Straight guys Dustin, Tyler, and CJ are back. We are warming these guys up with sucking each others cock in this scene. We had fun joking around in the beginning.

  • Guys Tell Director Want 1k To Fuck

    I start to talk but Dustin tell me they already discussed everything with each other and they want 1,200 each to fuck and make a great scene. I agree with them and they put on a great scene.

  • His Car Gets Towed So He Sucks Cock

    Dustin called me up and he was looking to make some very fast money. His car got towed and Lane's is pretty much homeless so we help these guys make some quick cash.

  • Straight Guys Do A Fleshlight Party

    We get 4 straight guys together to do a scene together. We give them all Fleshlights which is basically like a pocket pussy guys can use to get off.

  • How To Get Straight Boy To Bottom

    Trying to get straight boy Dustin to bottom in this scene but that is a no go so I start working on Jason.

  • Outdoor Camping 5 Guy Orgy

    I took a group of models out on a little hiking trip to change things up and do something different than what they're use to at the studio. All the guys were excited for a chance to make some great money.

  • 3 Cocks, 3 Mouths, 3 Holes

    Dustin is straight, and has a job working in retail making crappy money. He was 21, just broken up with his girlfriend at the time, and that was one reason why he decided to do porn. Check out him in this 3-some.

  • Sit On My Cock Bro

    Austin and Dustin came back to do another gay porn shoot and it was very exciting. They knew that they were going to have to fuck, and that meant of course that one of them was going to have to bottom.

  • Suck My Dick Bro

    I brought back Austin to do a shoot, who has been really busy working in order to do shoots on a regular basis. I also brought in Dustin to do a shoot with him as well, because let's face it he is one hot ass straight guy.

  • Straight Boy Sandwich

    I put these three guys together in this hot orgy scene. See how much they will do in this threesome scene.

  • Nu & Dustin Suck Each Others Penis

    Nu the surfer guy is back and this time we set him up with Dustin. Check out this shoot and let us know what you think.

  • Straight Boy Orgy Gay Porn For Cash

    Don't miss this hot straight boy orgy. Newbies Ryan and Dustin and two of your favoites Tyler and CJ. This one is gonna be hot.

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  • sc06117 on 04/17/2024


    • bsb4xzkztg on 01/03/2018

      So sad that he died stupid cops tazed him shouldn't have swallowed that marijuana RIP you will be missed on this Earth I hope you're in heaven and you're at peace

      • nek0chan on 11/25/2016

        What happened to him!!??

        • dp433870 on 11/23/2014


          • giodiaz18 on 06/10/2015

            He died:( i didnt know that

          • dannyboi915 on 07/29/2014

            RIP Dustin

            • chrisj277 on 05/05/2014

              You will be truly missed.. Your loss is heartbreaking