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Straight Guys All Fuck Fleshlights For CashAdd Movie to your Favorites
Ryan Brewer, Austin Grant, Dustin Michaels, Danny

Big group shoots where we can get a bunch of guys together to do a scene are always a lot of fun. Especially, because a lot of times things will happen that are unexpected and they can make a scene appear that much hotter. I invited four guys to come in to do a surprise shoot for me, and all I told them was that they would get a special present to use. When they arrived I had them all take a seat on the couch next to one another, so that we could start filming. Going from left to right on camera, I had Danny sitting by, Ryan, next to Dustin, with Austin on the end. I explained to the guys that I had them each a toy underneath them on the couch. Picking it up, Ryan thought it was a flashlight, but what they in fact discovered was that it was a fleshlight. Popping the ends off of them, they discovered which one they had. So, Danny, Ryan, and Austin had lips, while Dustin had an ass. I knew that this was going to be a different type of shoot than we normally tried to do with the straight boys. I wanted something that would get the guys to interact a little more and be vocal on camera. I had the guys start by getting undressed, and work their way out of their clothes. Getting down to their underwear they sat on the couch, and right away Austin reached inside Dustin's boxers to play with his dick. Once Austin had Dustin on his way to getting hard, he pulled it out and started to suck on it. Dustin enjoyed getting blow jobs, so I knew that he would be up for head. Looking over at the other two guys, they were busy stroking each other off, and kissing. You heard right, KISSING. I had to stop them after a while and get them to take off their underwear, so that we could get to the fleshlights we wanted to show off. Each guy grabbed a packet of lube and squirted some into the top of the toy. Danny's cock was rock hard, and he was the first one to get his dick inside to start using it. Ryan was having some trouble getting the packet open, but Dustin helped him out. All the guys were excited and ready to trade in their girlfriends for one of these. Opening the couch into a bed, I had them all lay facing each other paired up, and they used the toys on one another. This way they weren't jacking themselves off. They joked around about the toys and which ones they liked the most. I had them change things up after a while and had Ryan get in the center of them on the bed. Austin put the ass fleshlight on his dick and started to pump it. After a while they all went back to doing their own thing. They were enjoying them so much, that Austin was getting close to cumming. I had him take the toy off and jerk off without it. It was only a moment later that he shot his load all over his stomach. All the other guys figured that it was time to shot their loads as well, and got ready. Dustin was in position on his knees and stroked at his pace. He came right on Ryan's leg for us to watch. It was then Ryan was getting closer, and he let out a warning that he was going to cum. Dustin started cheering him on. Sure enough, he came, shooting his load just above his pubic hair at the right angle for me to see. Last to go was Danny, who was busy pumping his dick the whole time, working up a sweat. It looked like he could go at any moment. As he pointed his dick forward, I was thinking that he was going to shoot right on the bed in front of him. Slowly he worked his cock back to him. A huge shot of pre-cum fired out of his dick, and landed on his chest. The rest of the cum covered his hand and dick. The guys had a new favorite toy, the Fleshlight! After that they were busy fighting for who got in the shower first, and if they could take one home.

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