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Austin, Ryan, & Dustin Do A Sex Train Orgy

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Ryan Brewer, Austin Grant, Dustin Michaels

My plan was to bring in three boys that could put on a show, and not need a lot of direction. The boys that I brought in to do a shoot were Dustin, Austin, and Ryan. All three had been with us before, so I had no doubts about their performance. Turning the camera on the guys were sitting on the couch ready to get started. First, on the left was Dustin, Austin was in the middle, and then Ryan was on the end. All three guys knew before hand when we setup the shoot that I wanted to see anal and wanted one hot shoot for each of them to walk away making $1500. We joked around, but all three were on board, that was until I brought up kissing. Dustin in no way wanted to do kissing, and he has pretty much stood that ground. Once they were ready to get going, they all three stood up and took off their shirts, exposing their chests to the camera. I pointed out that they went in line from tallest to shortest reminding me of the cell phone commercial with the bars. I kept them going, by having them remove their pants next, and then allowed them to sit down to work on getting hard for us. As the boys started to play with themselves in their underwear their cocks started to grow, and we could move on into getting them into some action. Since Austin was in the middle, I told both Ryan and Dustin that they needed to team up to suck on his cock. Ryan went first in leaning over, moved the underwear out of the way and placed the cock in his mouth. The more that he sucked on it the harder it got, and Dustin just sat there watching. He was trying to put off as long as he could sucking on the cock, and then that's when it happened. I couldn't have planned it to happen that way even if I had tried. Ryan told Dustin to suck on the one side of the cock, and then he would suck on the other. That way it would look like they were kissing. Sure enough when it happened the two boys lips kind of touched, and Dustin just went along with it. Then, it was his turn to suck on it for a moment, but he didn't go for long. The boys then formed the broke straight boys' train of dick sucking in one direction on the couch. After a while I had them switch and go in the other direction, especially so that Ryan could get his cock sucked at least once in the shoot. To get ready to fuck they changed the couch into a bed, and Ryan got in the doggy-style position in the middle of the couch. Dustin moved in behind him with his dick wrapped up in a condom and lube ready to push its way inside Ryan's very tight hole. As Dustin started to get his tip inside the hole, Ryan made Dustin stop in order to change position to something else that wouldn't be as hard. Ryan wanted to ride the cock that way he could get comfortable at his own pace before Dustin could fuck the hell out of him. Holding himself up on Dustin's legs, he slowly lowered himself down on the cock, until he was almost all the way down. Slowly he started to pick up speed, as he worked on getting more comfortable, he moved his hands to the bed. This allowed for Dustin's legs to move up and down at his pace, and all that Ryan could do was sit there and take it. Dustin was horny and ready to fuck some more, so I had the guys try something a little different. My goal was to see if we could get them to form a fuck train on the bed, so to do that they each took their places. Ryan started by getting doggy-style and then Austin got in behind him with a condom on and a boner ready to go. Dustin then got behind Austin, and to get the train started those two had to get going first. Guiding his dick in, Dustin was able to get in Austin's ass a little easier than with Ryan, but Austin sure did make some wild faces. There was more intensity between the two of them, but to get Ryan involved Austin guided his dick in Ryan's ass. Really the one that had to do all the work was Austin in the middle, so he would sit back and then push forward. After a few minutes of doing the train, Austin couldn't take much more he was getting too close to cumming. Pulling out of Ryan's ass, Austin started to jerk off over his back, and Dustin kept fucking Austin. Using his hands Dustin pulled back on Austin's hips causing Austin to sit on Dustin's dick. All of a sudden, Austin popped his load all over Ryan's back, being completely turned on by being fucked. Ryan flipped over on his back, and Dustin fucked him a little more. Next, to shoot his load was Ryan who came on himself, and his load was very, very thick. He just laid there as Dustin stroked his dick preparing to shoot his load. When Dustin did cum, he shot his load all over Ryan's dick and hand. This was a hot scene to watch especially with all the fucking, these guys did great!

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