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Brandon Beal Slams Skyler Daniels Tight Butthole

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Brandon Beal, Skyler Daniels

Look who has a new 'do! Skyler Daniels opens this vid with a hawt coif, and kissing Brandon Beals. A nice combo, no? Skyler takes off Brandon's shirt and the spit swapping continues. Even after Skyler goes shirtless, the two studs keep making out. They only stop tongue dancing when their pants are removed. When that's done, it's back to spit swapping! All of this romancing has gotten the boys hard. When they strip naked, both are sporting wood. To be fair, Skyler isn't naked. His undies are still around his ankles. LOL! Brandon sucks first. His tongue magic makes Skyler moan and grimace. Brandon spits all over Skyler's tool, making certain the meat is juicy and wet. All you hear from Skyler are moans of contentment. He even offers Brandon a kiss for the effort. Skyler sucks on Brandon's tool, and Brandon is impressed with the effort. "Oh, yeah. Just like that," Brandon coos. Skyler deep throats the sausage, making it more bloated and ready to play. "Oh, shit," Brandon says in surprise at Skyler's skills. Skyler treats the man meat like an ice cream cone, using his pink tongue to lap up and down the shaft. "Suck that dick," Brandon demands. The order wasn't required. Skyler knows his role today! LOL! The two share a brief kiss before Brandon puts on a condom. Skyler puts some lube in his booty and sits on Brandon's stick. "Ride that dick," Brandon says. Skyler does, grunting as his hole is stuffed and stretched. He bites his lip as that sweet ass gets accustomed to the anal invasion. Brandon's pud plops out and the two horn dogs kiss. Skyler gets on his side, with Brandon right behind. Watch Skyler's face as Brandon reenters. The look all true bottoms know. Pain and pleasure. Brandon fucks balls deep, making sure each stoke is felt. "Look at me," Brandon orders. He wants Skyler to know his as ass has been marked with two "Bs." Skyler grabs the bed and offers his hole for the marking. And fucking. The two share one more kiss before Skyler puts his legs in the air. The hard fucking resumes, and Skyler's hard tool bounces all over the place. He jerks his meat as Brandon pounds that ass. All that fucking causes Skyler to shoot a load that erupts in the air and lands on his chest. Brandon pulls out and dumps cum on Skyler's stomach. He plays with it and puts some on Skyler's lips. Skyler doesn't like the taste, but he'll get used to it. :-)

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