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Ross & Duncan Tyler Perform Oral And Suck Each Others CocksAdd Movie to your Favorites
Ross Tays, Duncan Tyler

If we gave our videos titles, this would be called "Fines and Fees." Sweet Duncan and toned Ross are back on the studio couch because both have incurred fines and fees and need an infusion of cash. Neither lad looks pleased about pushing their boundaries for the bucks, but if they give decent performances few will remember any initial wariness. Duncan admits to some nervousness. Understandable considering how last time we saw him, he was soloing. Ross, who has five videos to his name, knows the score and gets to dick sucking first. Apparently he lost a coin toss. :-) As we all remember, Duncan's tool is large and in charge. It plumps from Ross' mouth treatment. He can barely reach beyond the rotund head, but his sucking is all juicy and wet. Duncan is a stoic fella. Hard to read. Is he contented or freaked out? He'll occasionally bite a lip, or put a hand on Ross' head. When asked how things are, Duncan gives a laconic reply. With a smile included. "He's doing great." Spit and precum drip from Ross' mouth, landing on Duncan's pubes. It's Duncan's turn to do some work. Granted Ross isn't as large as Duncan, but few of us are. For a newbie, Duncan is rather graceful with pole doting. His nose almost reaches pubes, without choking. Plus he's still diamond hard doing it. Ross caresses those blond locks as he gets serviced. Duncan's long, limber legs can barely fit on the couch as he sucks Ross, but he's no complainer. Ross stands on the couch, making things more comfortable for Mr. Duncan. He furiously jerks himself while sucking. The stud looks so hot with meat in his mouth. Before Duncan nuts some of Ross' juice falls out of the blonde's mouth. The boy isn't a demonstrative cummer, but when he does his white goo lands all over the couch. Duncan hand jerks a load out of Ross, his goo making Duncan's hand slimy and shiny. The boys are smiles and giggles after they calm down. Is it wrong to wish both have constant fines and fees trouble?

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