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Adam Baer & Duncan Tyler Fuck Each Others Asses Hard

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Duncan Tyler, Adam Baer

Today's update should be called the battle of the big dicks! Sharing the studio bed are Adam Baer and Duncan Tyler, two BSB models known for what swings between their legs. Duncan has turned into our resident Jack Kerouac, traveling the country from Florida, Oregon, California and Arizona. Apparently there was hitchhiking in this journey. Alas, Duncan has no "On the Road" tales of dick sucking (which means he lacks something of the Kerouac spirit). Today's scene will be a flip-flop. The pros strip and Adam wraps his mouth around Duncan's meat. He must be doing something right because Duncan groans immediately. "Fuck," Duncan moans. Adam does his best to get all of that toy in his mouth, but as we all know it's hard to deep throat Mr. Donkey Dick. So Adam slurps at the head, working his tongue on the sensitive tip. He also licks the shaft like it's an icicle. "Fucking suck that dick," Duncan orders. Adam does what he can, choking along the way. He gets a reprieve and Duncan puts his head in Adam's lap. Duncan deep throats and chokes immediately. He spits all over Adam's baby-maker so it will fit easier down his throat. "It looks like you might have had some practice while hitchhiking," the cameraman says to Duncan. Duncan laughs no, but there's no denying it. The dude has learned how to swallow a sword. It's time for the fucking. Duncan will be busted first. He assumes the position, doggie, as Adam gets lube and a condom. There's a closeup of Duncan's hole before Adam enters. Adam is gentle at first, taking his time as he pushes his longfellow as far as he can go. Duncan grunts, curses, and grabs on the sheets as he gets filled up. Maybe Adam is going slow because he knows he's next? Duncan's sweet little butt has never looked sexier. He has a mighty monster but those cheeks were made to be parted. Duncan gets on his back, and Adam returns home. His bone has never been harder. He puts one hand behind Duncan's knee, the other on his bottom's ankle, and just slow strokes. He doesn't even go balls deep. Such a gentle top. Duncan wants a chance to screw some ass too, so Adam gets on his back. He puts those fine legs in the air and Duncan enters in one stroke (with a condom). Duncan goes slow but he fuck balls deep, holding Adam's creamy thighs. "Fucking take that dick," Duncan whispers. Adam whimpers but doesn't ask for clemency. He grits his teeth and jerks his sausage. Duncan begins to slam home, as if he wants his drumstick to come out of Adam's mouth. Adam lets loose of a load first, his juice filling up his belly button. Duncan is next, his man milk slathers Adam's chest and stomach. Duncan can't keep from shaking after his nut is done. "I've never been all shivery before," Duncan says. "What can I say," Adam replies. What was that song about milkshakes, boys, yards and charging? :-) Adam's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. He could teach you, but he'd have to charge. LOL!

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