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Blake Teaches Tyler How To Suck A Dick Properly

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Blake Bennet , Tyler Blaze

OMG!!! Look who is back? The ever sexy beast known as Blake. Happy 2013 Blake from all your fans. He's sharing a couch with Tyler Blaze, the newbie with. Talking about love seats, what do you think of our new studio and sofa? LOL! These two are straight out of doppelganger casting (although Tyler gets the prize for height.). When the cameraman wonders what today's activities will be, Tyler is at loss for words. Blake plays "older brother", and schools his apprentice. :-) "I'm going to be blowing him, basically," Blake says. "And the favor will be returned. Sorry it has to be fair," he continues, as he puts a reassuring hand on Tyler's shoulder. Tyler, at least for now, is no fan of reciprocity. However, he's a broke straight boy, so he's willing to go past one boundary today. Blake asks him if he's ever made out with a dude before. Tyler says no, and Blake gives advice that must be trademarked. "Watch the teeth man." The guys get to their skivvies, and teacher Blake sucks first. Tyler puts his hand over his eyes. "God. This is too weird," he says. "It doesn't seem to mind," Blake notes as he shakes the stiffening sausage. Blake gags, getting the tool all juicy. Tyler tries his best not to like it, but isn't being very successful. He puts his legs in the air, and Blake rims that phat ass. He eats that newbie hole like he's done it before, which he hasn't. "For your first time, you're pretty good at this Blake," the cameraman opines. "Well, it's not too much from pussy, so," Blake answers. "Actually it's a little bit easy." How can anyone not love Blake? He gets back on Tyler's tool. At this point, the newbie's hand no longer hides his face. He's grooving to all of this. Listen to his ragged breathing. As for Blake, he is slurping like there is no tomorrow. He slobbers on the head and jerks his partner. "How's it feel," Blake asks. "It's good," Tyler whispers. Smacking sounds get louder, as does Tyler's breathing. Blake strokes the pole, doing everything he can to get a milky surprise. "I'm going to cum right now," Tyler groans. He does, his load hitting Blake's tongueand lips. The rest of the slime lands on Tyler's hairy stomach. "Jizz is everywhere," Tyler notices. After calming down, Tyler goes after Blake's dick. He tries to back down, but Blake insists! LOL! Tyler gags a few times, but gets the hang of things after a few mouthfuls. "Yeah, nice and wet," Blake encourages. The newbie likes to blow slow. He even knows how to alternate between mouth and hand action. This pushes Blake over the edge and his first cum stream hits Tyler's hair! The rest slathers his hand and Blake's stomach. What should "brother" Blake teach Tyler next? :-)

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