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Mick Chokes His Chicken Until He Sploodges

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Mick Torrence

A solo is bound to be noteworthy when the model is feeling himself up before the video rolls. Mick is from the Dirty South, Georgia to be exact. He might be nervous about being in our studios, but he is horned up from the start. Which bodes well for any BSB model. He's attached to a gal right now, but she isn't cognizant of exactly what he's doing with us. "She only knows half the truth," Mick says to the cameraman. "She's pretty cool with it." Outside of his laid back demeanor and sexy bod, there's a final reason to fall for Mick: he loves his hips!! Never heard a boy call that a favorite body part before. When he gets naked, he shows his backside. That should really be his favorite body part. Mercy! So round and plump! Mick gets on the couch and goes slow jerking that nasty ol' tool of his. The monster gets hard and Mick seems transfixed by it. Who can blame him! It's a toy only for well trained professionals. LOL! The long limbed boy is really taking his time, enjoying that hand to the fullest extent possible. After asking the cameraman if it's time (such a polite boy) for a new position, Mick turns sexier by getting on his stomach. He reaches around and keeps stroking his dick, but it's easy to imagine his booty getting stretched to the max. The minx plays with one of his butt cheeks, allowing a peek of his hole. Mick returns his back, and works harder to nut. The pace picks up, and Mick alternates from biting his lower lip to keeping the mouth agape. The moans are a little louder, and his toes stretch out from the pleasure. The sound of skin against skin fills the studio. Mick's thighs flex and his breathing turns shallow. Those cute hips stick up in the air and the self inflicted torture ends. Cum spews out, landing on Mick's abs. Even after losing a quart of man milk, Mick keeps fondling that spent snake. Before the screen goes dark he offers a sexy peek into the camera. How many of you are pussy wet right now? It's OK to admit it! LOL!

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