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Mick Fucks Daniel's Tight Little Teen Boy Hole Raw

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Mick Torrence, Daniel Grange

Here is a question about sex god Mick Torrence: has BSB had anyone so primed for sex? In his solo he was feeling himself up when the video started. In today's update, he's shirtless, next to Daniel Grange. The eager beaver has the look of a hungry man waiting for grace to be over. Can you blame him? Being next to Daniel is bound to bring sex to the brain. Especially after discovering Daniel is going to, once again, have that sweet ass filed with man meat. "I'm ready to go," Mick says to Clay. Daniel is not feeling the same level of excitement! :-) "I'm here for the money strictly," he says. "I do not care to have it up my ass, but it is what is going to happen today." "It is going to happen today," Mick replies with a grin. When Clay asks Daniel to describe what it means to get plugged, the straight cutie gives a straight forward answer. "It feels odd," Daniel notes. "It's not painful, but it's not…." "It feels like a dick in your ass, huh," Mick adds. "Yes. Thank you," Daniel says. The boys get naked and Mick gives Daniel's backside a few hard slaps. "You slap your momma like that," Daniel wonders. He sucks first, putting all of Mick in his mouth. He has no choice because Mick is pushing Daniel's head all the way to the pubes. As he pleasures Mick, Daniel strokes his own johnson. He pulls up and offers his meat to Daniel. "Suck my cock," Daniel demands. So bossy. Daniel looks like he's about to bust the minute Mick starts sucking. "Oh, god. I love when you do that," Daniel groans. The main course has arrived. Daniel gets on his back, and putting those succulent thighs in the air. Mick enters and poor Daniel grits his teeth. Mick starts fucking balls deep, not even giving him a chance to get used to the invasion. "Oh, god," Daniel cries. "Shut up," Mick orders. Mick grabs Daniel's ankles and goes in as far as possible. The cries of shock turn to moans of pleasure. Mick is looking to get off and Daniel will have to take what's given. Daniel gets on his stomach, and Mick smacks that ass twice. He gets back in that hole, fucking balls deep again. Daniel's legs are spread apart, at the mercy of everything Mick has. The sound of Mick pounding on Daniel's fleshy ass fills the studio. "You like it," Mick asks. "Oh, my god yes," Daniel says. Daniel's ass gets the better of Mick. He pulls out and shoots a load that covers the top part of Daniel's butt cheeks. Daniel turns around and places a wet kiss on Mick's mouth. Mick returns the passion and the video ends with these two studs making out. Tops and bottoms getting along. What can be sweeter? :-)

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