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Teen Boy Cj Can Barely Get His Mouth Around Sam's Big Tool

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Sam Truitt, Cj Park

Oh, CJ! You've been missed. We all remember how you made straight boy Brett moan like a dew sprinkled virgin! In his return video CJ is paired with Sam, well known for a member that makes the gals/guys faint with desire. :-) The two feel each other up when the tape starts rolling. Sam tugs at CJ's pud, and gently pushes him to the bed. CJ, always a gentleman, doesn't argue. He looks so sweet, and sexy, with Sam sucking away. What Sam lacks in technique, he makes up with enthusiasm. CJ pulls down his pants and underwear so Sam can get a better view of the sausage. The brown haired boy chokes when he tries to deep throat. He does a close inspection of CJ's nuts, coating them in salvia. CJ works real hard to show he's not grooving to the blow job. Have to give the straight boy props for his silent act. LOL! The pre-cum and spit makes Sam's mouth shiny, and when he pulls up there's a trail of liquid. CJ gets on his pale knees and puts Sam's monster in his mouth. Has CJ's mouth ever been so stretched? He can barely move beyond Sam's dick tip. Unlike CJ, Sam has no problems showing how much he likes CJ's oral work. CJ can hardly breath with all the dick in his throat. And there's all that juice that leaks down his chin! He gets up and the two return to stroking each other. They keep this up until it's time to bust. Then their hands go to familiar places. Sam nuts first, his load splattering all over the floor. CJ is right behind, and his amount is equal to Sam's! That's a lot of man nectar wasted on the floor! LOL! Welcome back you two, and thanks for the New Year's Eve show!

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