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Carson Hawk & Cj Suck Each Others Cock & Swallow

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Cj Park, Carson Hawk

"Suck dick like your rent depends on it. Which I think it does." The above sentence, said by the cameraman, is another one of those BSB quips deserving t-shirt status. The advice is proffered to Carson Hawk and CJ Maxley. Both lads would be able to stay in any bed, even if saltine eating was a habit, but need to prop up their bj skills. So they are here today to work on oral pleasure. Neither looks pleased about having to practice pole love, but the promise of cold cash is too tempting. :-) Both strip and get on the bed. Because of previous coin flip, CJ is the first sucker. His ministrations get Carson sufficiently excited, judging by all the blood that fills up that tool. CJ doesn't deep throat, but does pay attention to Carson's bulbous head. Carson's eyes are closed, and he occasionally bites that lower lip. Even offersCJ a reach around. When CJ pulls off, there is love in Carson's eyes. As he jerks himself, CJ reaches and cups those heavy nuts. In fact, CJ fondles those sweet things during Carson's entire stroking session. All this jerking causes sweat to appear on Carson's smooth stomach. He stops and puts his mouth on CJ's sausage. CJ immediately puts his hands on Carson's head, trying to put more meat in that cute mouth. Alas, no deep throating from Carson, but when he pulls off CJ is ready to pop. He strokes a humongous load that lands everywhere. His stomach, thigh, chest, and the bed. Too bad Carson didn't take a taste. That juice looks scrumptious. Carson attempts to nut again. He does,nectar landing on his thigh. But the story is another cum outburst from CJ. Three cum shots, two models! A riches of man juice.

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