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High School Boy & College Guy Meet To Sin & Make Money

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Sam Truitt, Brandon Hart

Lovers of size rejoice! Sam has returned. The king sized dick model is paired with Brandon. Don't
want to make any assumptions here, but Brandon must posses a magnitude enjoyment gene.
Remember his last scene when he lovingly tongued Carter's dick? Look at his eyes after he and
Sam get naked. They are transfixed on what Sam is packing. Not that anyone would blame
Brandon, but still (grin).

When asked Brandon puts that monster meat in his mouth. It's been said here before, and needs
to be repeated. Some guys get extra cute with their lips on dick. Brandon falls in that category.

Although he can't deep throat, Brandon gets as much as he can in his mouth, Sam's cock gets
incredibly bigger (something that must always concern the stud's partners, male or female).

Sam plays the ever gracious to and goes down on Brandon. Sam's tongue exertion has the desired
effect. Brandon is in heaven. He puts his hands on top of Sam's crown and pushes his hips up,
trying to get his entire banana down Sam's gullet. Alas, Sam doesn't take it all.

It's time for Brandon's ass to be treated like the main course it is. Our soon to be split open bottom
gets on his hands and knees. Somehow Sam works his tool into Brandon's tight little butt. Have to
give the bottom boy props. He cries. His entire body contracts from the assault.But he doesn't
petition for Sam to stop. Rather brave actually because Sam is putting everything he has into his

Brandon gets in an "easier" position, riding Sam into the sunset.He might have wanted to stay on
his hands and knees because in this new pose Brandon'sthighs quiver from the cramming. Sam's
unrelenting up strokes must be getting to Brandon because he puts his hand on Sam's stomach to
slow things down.

Brandon ends up on his back, legs spread apart, his hole stretched farther than anything he could
imagine. Sam deep drills. and Brandon gives the telltale clue of a bottom being pushed beyond the
limit. He puts a hand out, trying to keep the top from going too far (Sam doesn't pay any
attention). Brandon bites his lip, his facial expression a combo of agony and ecstasy.

Sam is merciful and pulls out so both can cum. He shoots first, his jizz pouring on Brandon's
stomach. When it's Brandon's turn, his orgasm is so intense he pulls his legs up and draws Sam
closer to him. Did Brandon want a kiss? The bottom's juice overfills his belly button.

Sam really savored Brandon's badonkadonk because he nuts a second time, a sure sign romantic
gesture. Have we discovered the BSB version of Streisand and Redford? :-)}

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