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Dexter Graf Fucks Duncan Tyler's ButtAdd Movie to your Favorites
Dexter Graf, Duncan Tyler

Both Dexter Graf and Duncan Tyler will be experiencing firsts in today's update. Dexter will pork a dude and Duncan will be the porkee. Our soon to be minted top has few concerns about how he will do because of the currency incentive. "Money gets me hard," Dexter says to the cameraman. As for the laconic Duncan, who made Seth bite the pillow in late summer, he offers two suggestions. "Go slow. Lots of lube," Duncan suggests. The quiet ones always get to the heart of matters. :-) Clothes are removed and Duncan starts sucking on Dexter's "grade A cock" (as Dexter describes his tool). Duncan deep throats and makes certain suction sounds are heard. "That's a nice sound effect," Dexter observes. The noise and the spit keep Dexter happy. "You're doing good," Dexter says. Duncan chuckles and gets back to lip loving the tube steak. Watch how he uses his tongue when his mouth is filled with dick. "Fuck," Duncan whispers when he comes up for air. He spits all over the tool, keeping it slick and juicy. At one point, he goes down farther than he should,and gags. Dexter doesn't care because he's all blissed out! :-) "You about ready to do this," the cameraman asks. Neither performer needs to be told what "this" is. LOL! Condoms and lube are found. "Duncan? Assume the position," the cameraman orders. "Let's do this," Dexter adds. Duncan chuckles some more and gets on his hands and knees (after putting lube in his hole). "Oh, fuck," Duncan groans when Dexter enters the first time. Dexter needs to go back in a second time, and when he gets home he pumps away. The busted bottom puts his face in the mattress and grits his teeth. He'll curse and groan. Even grabs his own hair. But Duncan never asks for Dexter to slow down. They go for a different position: Duncan's legs in the air. Dexter keeps his relentless pace and Duncan continues to whimper. "Oh, fuck," Duncan groans. His face alternating from pain to pleasure. Dexter announces he's about to nut. "I want you to cum on my face," Duncan says. Dexter pulls out of the Duncan's mussy and straddles his face. The blond bottom opens his mouth with that pink tongue out. When Dextershoots, his juice coats Duncan's tongue, teeth, lips and hair. Duncan doesn't swallow the load. Instead he lets it dribble down his chin, after licking Dexter's tool clean. "It was messy," Duncan says when it's all over. Are you just as wet as Duncan's cum soaked neck? :-)

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