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Justin Riggs Gets A Cock In His Ass For The First Time

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Paul Canon, Justin Riggs

It’s Justin Riggs’ first time bottoming, and Paul Canon is the lucky dude who gets to destroy that virgin ass! The boys show off their sexy bodies for us before Justin jumps right in and sucks Paul’s thick cock! He moves his mouth over Paul’s dick, nice and slow, while Paul jerks Justin’s meat, then when Paul is rock hard they switch and Paul is giving the oral while Justin is enjoying fucking that warm, wet mouth!

Paul makes sure that Justin is nice and relaxed from all that cock sucking before he holds his legs up, spreads his ass apart, and tries to get his prick inside.  Paul can hardly fit his fat bareback dick inside of Justin’s tight, virgin hole, but finally he’s able to push in and start fucking, earning some moans of pain from Justin as he tries to adjust to a dick up his ass. 

Paul destroys that ass, not being gentle anymore as he rams his hard cock into Justin, topping him in a couple different positions to really stretch that ass as he fucks him raw. Then, while Justin is riding Paul’s huge dick, Paul jerks him off and then bends him over and cums right between those perfect little ass cheeks!

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