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Kyle Harley & Duncan Tyler 69 & Suck Each Others Dicks

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Duncan Tyler, Kyle Harley

Duncan "donkey dick" Tyler is back! Newbie Kyle Harley, the boy with the southern styled whimpers, is paired with Mr. Tyler. Kyle has never been with a guy before, but is back because right now he's couch hopping and needs a place of his own. "Couch hopping is no good. Unless it's on this couch," the cameraman says. "This couch is pretty comfy," Kyle replies. Does that mean he'll back for more? Duncan chuckles. There's something about his laconic behavior that turns his sexy meter off the charts. Kyle has never had a dick in his mouth before, so the cameraman wonders what he thinks it will taste like. "A hot dog. Hopefully," Kyle says. Duncan, who has tasted a few poles on camera, is asked how they taste "Very plain. Bland," he chuckles. "Maybe it won't be so bad," Kyle retorts. As the expert in these matters, Duncan sucks first. Kyle leans back, putting his hand at the back of Duncan's head. "Yeah," Kyle moans. Duncan swallows the member whole. He takes a few licks, then comes up for air. When there isn't meat in his mouth, he jerks his partner. "How you doing Kyle," the cameraman asks. "He's doing good. Very good," Kyle answers. With some lessons behind him, Kyle takes to Duncan's lollipop. As we all know, Duncan's toy is man sized and poor Kyle's mouth is stretched to the limit. He can barely get the head in. As his throat strains, Kyle fondles Duncan's heavy nuts. The pair change to 69, with Duncan getting on the bottom. The camera offers a brief peek of Kyle's hole. How many of you imagined Duncan's tool going in there? Kyle works extra hard to bring Duncan to nut time. He strokes the monster as he licks the head. Duncan's legs start shaking; he can't even keep Kyle's cock in his mouth. Our Kentucky lad spits all over the meat and starts jerking it. A tool that large takes some time to blow, but eventually the creamy load lands on Duncan's smooth stomach. Kyle repositions himself by standing over Duncan. He opens his mouth as Kyle strokes himself. The southern boy softly moans, and soon enough Kyle shoots a hefty load in Duncan's mouth. Duncan tongues the man juice for a bit, then lets it dribble down his chin. How should Kyle repay Duncan for letting him cum in his mouth? :-)

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