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Anthony Hunt, Kodi

Considering their rabid fan bases, it's hard to believeAnthony and Kodi have never been in a scene
together. Both are easy on the eyes and, when the camera is on, perform like ribald satyrs.

In addition, they are willing to handle the hassles of modern travel to give weekend joy to the BSB
community. Both had middle seats on their respective flights to our studio. Poor Anthony was
squeezed between two husky travelers. Is it wrong to find that image erotic?

Neither can play the doe eyed innocent, so after the clothes are removed they begin stroking. Kodi
sucks dick first; ever since he's been with BSB, Kodi has transformed into a first rate appreciator of
poles. He slurps loudly, and lustily, making sure to keep it all juicy.

"Oh, fuck! Dude," Anthony moans.

Who doesn't groove to Anthony's penchant for the dirty talk?

"Suck that fucking cock," he orders.

Kodi requires no demands and continues his job.

Anthony has good home training because he knows sharing is caring. He takes his turn at Kodi's
kong. As we all know Kodi's kick stand is known for its size. Anthony chokes on the lollipop, even
wraps a string of spit and pre-cum around the shaft.

"My first time," Anthony jokes.

"It's a good one," Kodi retorts.

Last time we saw Kodi, he was Spencer's bottom boy toy. This time Anthony plays that role. He puts
his knees on the edge of the couch, putting that creamy white ass in the air. Kodi lines up and aims
for home.

"Oh, motherfucker. Dude," Anthony moans as his hole gets dicked. His mouth contorts into that
trademark "O."

Once he's in, Kodi doesn't wait for Anthony to get used to being stretched.

"Holy shit," Antony says.

"Take that fucking cock," Kodi commands.

Anthony calls Kodi a "fucker" and "motherfucker," but takes it all. Know what's great about
Anthony's bottoming skills? He "catches" it all, from the good and the bad.

"Son of a bitch," Anthony whimpers. "What did I ever do to you?"

Technically nothing, but what type of treatment did Anthony expect after offering his boy cunt for

Anthony gets on his back, and Kodi uses the bottom's neck as leverage as he keeps pounding that
booty. He leans over, twice, and gives Anthony a kiss. Kodi is such a romantic stud!

All the repeated hits to his special spot place Anthony to shoot. His cum lands on his stomach. Kodi
doesn't pull out after Anthony nuts. He keeps rearranging Anthony's guts; the bottom offers no
resistance, his face showing pain and pleasure.Finally, Kodi reaches the edge. His cum spurts out
and mixes with Anthony's jism.

"Nice load," observes Anthony.

"Thank you," replies Kodi.

"Success," Anthony says.

"Determination,"Kodi answers.

Not sure what Kodi means by "determination."Maybe "it takes determination not to get off on this
scene"? :-)

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