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Duncan Tyler

Some boys, even after they agree to come to the BSB studio, can't overcome their shyness. Take
today's newbie Duncan Tyler. He giggles throughout his entire interview and can't even say "jerk
off" when asked" what he will do for us

Doubtful anyone will be put off by the18 year old's initial embarrassment. Adds to his overall
sexiness. Duncan is like the surfer dude you lusted after at high school. Tall, long-limbed, with a
mop of blond hair.

He has a full time gig, but needs more funds for his ride.

"To restore my car," Duncan says when asked what he'll do with his BSB loot.

Now his 1969 vehicle is baby blue. He thinks he wants to paint it white or black. Trust: you're going
to want to know all the details of this performer's life!

His lady love knows he's here, but she seems pumped about the project

"She told me to go for it," he tells the cameraman. "She wants to see it."

As he disrobes he shows off his tattoos. There is a sun tat on his back, a dove near his thigh, and a
smiley face on one of his butt cheeks.

When he gets naked a few of you will say, "Great Zeus!" What is the deal with slim dudes having
big ol' nasty dicks? Is it a law or something? Duncan's dipstick is long and hefty! The type of
diamond cutter that chokes any mouth and makes every ass clench with desire/dread. No wonder
his girl wants to watch the video!

He gets on his knees and the camera lingers on his stomach and chest. His nipples need to be
coated with spit. Tasty!

He pulls his nuts as he jerks and his balls are perfectly shaped. Not as big as his wang, but a
mouthful few would complain over.

He uses both hands to jerk. He gives us a peek of his hole. It is worth exploring, but why lie.
Duncan's generous gherkin is the star of this show. More dick. Less hole. At least for today! :-)

Few have used as much lube as Duncan, but he probably needs a whole bottle of the stuff to get
some friction going.

Soon enough all the stroking is too much and the lad's unit unleashes. He looks so adorable biting
his lips when he's close. Holy Athena! His load just squirts up! Watch it again to see how high it
goes, and how all that sweet juice covers his smooth chest.

Duncan? Oh, PLEASE return! Share some more! Which BSB model should have the honor of taking
on Duncan's fire hose? :-)

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