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Broke Sam Has Huge Feet & Jerks Off For Some Cash

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Sam Truitt

In the studio today, Broke Straight Boys is pleased to introduce Sam, our latest broke boy. Sam hails from Jacksonville, Florida and is 18 years old. Like most of our straight boys, Sam is in desperate need of quick cash, thus, is willing to jerk off in front of a camera. However, he readily admits that he is quite nervous about it and has never done anything with another guy. As Sam and I chatted, Sam laughed and said that his dick is around eight and a half inches long and that, unlike most guys, he has measured it a few times. Sam stood up and started stripping off his clothes, revealing a slender but toned body, Sam saying that he worked out occasionally but used to play football as a linebacker. I went in close with the camera and even though Sam said it made him a little bit nervous, it certainly didn't show. Sam didn't even hesitate to lift his dick so that there was a better view of his heavy balls. Turning around, Sam flashed his pale but well rounded ass to the camera, the tattoo running across his lower back on full display. Now, however, it was time to get the show on the road. Grabbing his dick in one hand, Sam started to slowly stroke his cock as he concentrated on a private fantasy. It didn't take too long for Sam's cock to get harden as he got got more turned on. Sure enough, Sam wasn't joking when he said his cock was around eight and a half inches and from the looks of it, it was pretty thick as well. Sitting back down on the futon, legs spread wide, Sam had one hand wrapped around his thick dick. As he gently jerked himself off, Sam was breathing hard as he got closer to cumming. I asked Sam how it felt to be jerking off in front of another guy and Sam, with a smile, said that it wasn't too bad as it could be classed as professional. Sam shifted, putting his feet up on the futon and showing off his virgin ass hole even as he kept stroking his dick. A moment later, Sam hooked his elbows underneath his knees and pulled his legs up, pushing out his ass so that there was a better shot of his ass. Spreading his ass cheeks with both hands, Sam said that he had never played with his ass when jerking off. Keeping his legs in the air, Sam continued to jerk off for a few minutes before throwing his clothes off the futon and laying out on it. Propped up on one elbow and facing the camera, Sam was putting in some hard wrist action when I told him to just hold his cock still by the base. As he held it up to the camera, Sam said that he could probably come pretty soon so I told him to go for it. With a tight grip on his cock, Sam started to furiously pump the shaft as he chased an orgasm. By this stage, Sam had worked up a decent sweat and was panting as he inched closer to shooting. Suddenly, he announced that he was about to cum and with a hard twisting motion around the head of his cock, Sam dribbled cum all over his stomach, side and into his pubes before the cum ran down his fingers. I asked Sam if he had ever tasted his own cum before and like almost every straight boy that has appeared on the futon, Sam said that he hadn't done so. I offered him another $50 for him to taste his own cum but Sam wasn't too sure about it all. However, after a moment to think about it, Sam scooped up a fingerfull of cum and slicked across his tongue before swallowing it down.

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