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These Teen Straight Guys Do An Orgy To Make Some Money

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Leon, Scott Dalton, Ryan Brewer

On the futon today are Scott, Leon and Ryan. We got right down to business, discussing how much they wanted for an anal scene. Ryan wanted $1300 but I countered with $1200 while Leon joked that for $2400, he would drink a cup of cum. With the price decided upon, the boys stood up and stripped off naked, turning around and flashing their well rounded asses to the camera. As the boys were talking about who was going to suck cock first, Ryan took the lead and went down on Scott, prompting Scott to form the Broke Straight Boys Wave by swallowing down Leon. Both Scott and Ryan worked hard on the cocks in their mouths; Scott deep throating Leon and making him moan for more while Ryan treated Scott's cock like his favourite candy. They swapped, the Wave going the other way with Ryan leaning back and enjoying the feel of Scott's wet mouth on his cock even as Leon pulled out all the tricks with Scott. Scott had certainly paid attention when receiving a blowjob as he had Ryan groaning in pleasure while Leon was lavishing attention on just the head of Scott's dick. Switching it up, Scott sat up on the back of the futon, Leon kneeling on his left and kissing him passionately while Ryan, on his right, bent down and sucked on Scott's dick while also jerking Leon off. Leon broke off the kiss to start licking Scott's nipple with his tongue, moaning as Ryan kept pulling on his cock. Scott thrust gently into Ryan's mouth before Ryan also started kissing Scott's chest, all the while, keeping a firm hand wrapped around Scott's cock. Ryan licked a trail towards Leon, leaning in and kissing Leon, who responded hungrily before Ryan decided that it was time to start fucking as he dragged Leon onto his stomach along the futon. In only a matter of one or two minutes, he was deep inside of Leon's tight ass but thrusting slowly to loosen him up even as Leon grunted on each thrust. As Leon got used to cock in his ass again, Ryan took the lead and showed off a new move; twisting all the way around so he was in a reverse 69 while his cock was still inside Leon. Once positioned, he proved he was a multi tasker by swallowing down Scott's dick while continuing to fuck Leon. Ryan was soon able to pick up the pace, pounding into Leon, wringing a moan from him on each thrust, even as he worked hard on Scott's cock. Leon had to put a stop to things as the position was too intense. With Ryan sitting on the futon, Leon straddled his thighs and with one hand guiding Ryan's cock, Leon sat right down with ease. Once he had a good rhythm going, Leon pulled Scott towards him and started sucking on his dick. Leon was finding it hard to keep Scott's cock in his mouth so Scott bent down and started blowing Leon while Ryan, after shifting himself and Leon around a little, fucked Leon hard and deep. It was clear that Ryan was close to cumming so they broke it up and opened up the futon. With Scott on his back, legs spread wide, Leon slowly slid his hard cock into Scott's straight boy ass. After a moment or two, Ryan, kneeling behind Leon, pushed Leon forward and thrust inside in one go. Immediately, Ryan was able to start pounding into Leon's ass, forcing Leon to go harder into Scott. Not used to being fucked, Scott, even as he pulled on his own cock, was obviously in some pain as Leon was made to go hard and deep via Ryan. Leon's cock slipped out, prompting Ryan to stop thrusting and once Leon was back in, Leon moved back and forth, fucking Scott while also fucking himself on Ryan's cock. All of a sudden, Leon let out a loud grunt as Ryan rammed right back into him and started fucking him hard. Leon had to get Ryan to stop so he could concentrate on fucking Scott's ass and once, Ryan had withdrawn, Leon went to town on that straight boy's tight ass. Leon fucked Scott hard and aggressively, all the while, Scott took it like a pro even when Leon lifted his ass in the air and crouched over him, his hips snapping back and forth at a fast pace. As this was happening, Ryan was standing at Scott's head, wanking off as he watched, soon cumming over Scott's chest and abdomen. Only seconds later, Leon climaxed, his cum mixing with Ryan's over Scott's upper body. Scott was last to cum and with Leon massaging his balls, cum dribbled down Scott's hand and shaft.

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