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These Straight Boys Are Offered $100 Extra To Kiss

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Scott Dalton, Ryan Brewer

Broke Straight Boys is very pleased to welcome back Ryan, who, along with Scott, is on the futon today to do an oral scene. After doing some scenes with BSB, Ryan worked some other studios and now considers himself bisexual. As we were doing the usual pre porn chit chat, I told Scott that he was too good looking to get away with not doing anal in front of the camera, Ryan piping up and saying that Scott has one of the cutest asses he had ever seen. As the boys were discussing how much they wanted to get paid for today's shoot, I told them that, if they kissed, I would give them an extra $100 each. They stood up and stripped off to their underwear, all the time, ragging on each other as they hit it off. It was pretty clear that this was going to be a really hot scene as Ryan and Scott had some great chemistry going. As they stood side by side, Ryan leaned in towards the taller Scott and gently kissed him on the lips. Scott reciprocated just as tenderly, both boys looking as if they were enjoying it. They broke apart for a moment before Ryan demanded that Scott lean down for another round of kissing. Ryan then dived down to lick and kiss a rather bemused Scott's nipple before reaching to squeeze Scott's cock through his boxers. Ryan slid to his knee's and helped Scott take off his boxers, Scott's cock already pretty hard from the snogging. Ryan leaned forward and sucked Scott's cock into his mouth, cupping the heavy balls sac in his hand. As he concentrated on just the head of Scott's dick, Ryan soon had Scott moaning for more. Standing back up, Ryan took the lead and dived in for another kiss with Scott, obviously enjoying his time with Scott. As they kissed, Scott took the hint and stuck his hand down the front of Ryan's boxers, playing with his dick even as Ryan maintained a firm grip on Scott's cock. Ryan soon shoved Scott into sitting down on the futon and took off his boxers, revealing his erect dick. Standing up on the futon, his dick in a direct line with Scott's straight boy mouth, Ryan sighed as Scott slid the cock into his mouth. Despite it being an awkward position, Scott pulled out all the tricks, even deep throating Ryan a few times. Ryan thrust his cock slowly into Scott's mouth, the redhead taking it like a pro before they switched it up a bit with Scott lying down on the futon with Ryan between his legs and swallowing down his cock again. Ryan set a sedate pace as he slid the cock in and out of his mouth which soon had Scott breathing heavily. Ryan had obviously been practicing outside the studios as he put his skills to good use, flicking his tongue along the slit of Scott's cock. He soon picked up the pace, showing off how much he had learned at sucking cock while blowing Scott's mind more every second. Grabbing Scott's ankles, Ryan pulled him down the futon, immediately taking control and passionately kissing Scott. Ryan and Scott continued to make out, both clearly turned on by each other. As he leaned back to get his breathe, Ryan pulled Scott down even further on the futon before repositioning himself into a 69 with Scott. The boys had the best of both worlds now; sucking and being sucked. Ryan was on top, gently thrusting into Scott's mouth while Scott was lying on the futon, his cock being lavished with attention by Ryan. Wrapping a tight hand around the base of Scott's cock, Ryan licked and sucked at the head of the hard cock before demonstrating his deep throating skills. While Ryan was having fun with Scott's cock, Scott was finding it a little more difficult as Ryan's hard as a rock dick kept slipping out of his mouth. It was obvious that they were both too close to climaxing to continue so they sat side by side on the futon and jerked themselves off. Ryan, without a word, came first, cum spilling over the tip of his cock, down his hand and into his pubes. Scott was only a minute or two behind him, wanking furiously as Ryan watched him. With a groan, Scott came, cum dripping down his shaft, landing in his pubes and even his ball sac. Both boys ended up with $700 a piece for putting on such a great show. BSB will have them back on set very soon indeed.

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