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Diesal, Mike Robbins

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we have two of our member's favourite models; Mike R and Diesal. Now, as both boys are confirmed tops, despite each bottoming once before, that means today's shoot is going to be oral. Still, with these two hot straight boys, I know that it's going to be one great blowjob shoot! Despite all the times Mike and Diesal have appeared on BSB, they haven't actually been in a shoot with just them two so far, and as such, many loyal BSB members have requested them to be paired up together. I offered the boys a chance for one of them to bottom in the scene but both were determined to stay tops, so, we worked out a price of $800 each for today's scene.

Both boys stripped down to their underwear, Diesal showing off a pair of blue jocks that he got from a tour sponsor while Mike had on some grey boxers. Already, I could see that because both boys were friends, they were comfortable together and there was a really relaxed, not too serious atmosphere in the room. With the straight porn playing, they worked on getting themselves hard. Once their dicks were firm, they took off their underwear, the friendly banter taking a turn for the grotesque, thankfully, the conversation took a detour into familiar territory in regards to why Mike doesn't like to kiss the other models, saying that, even though he would suck another guys dick, kissing was too personal for him. Diesal, however, stayed quiet as he likes to kiss during his scenes.

Finally, the boys were ready to start the oral action, Mike leaning over and taking Diesalâs huge dick in his straight boy mouth. As soon as Mike wrapped his lips around the cock, Diesal relaxed into it, gasping as Mike proved to be an expert cock sucker even though Mike couldnât resist joking about the size of Diesalâs dick, saying he was glad he didnât bottom. Diesal laughed, wrapping an arm around Mike and tugging on his friendâs dick to get him hard again. Surprisingly, Mike had a go at deep throating the giant cock, choking as he could only get it halfway down his throat. Now, however, it was time for Diesal earn his money and with Mike complaining that he was going to suffer neck damage from having Gigantor in his mouth, Diesal gave Mikeâs half hard dick a couple of pumps before swallowing it down.

Mike is one of those always curious guys and likes to look at other guys cocks when doing a scene and especially loves watching intently as he gets a blowjob and today was no exception as Diesal worked hard on his long dick. Diesal was doing a pretty good job as Mike was hard again in only a few minutes. As Diesal alternated between sucking and fisting the hard cock, Mike relaxed into it, reaching around and slowly wanking Diesal's dick. A gesture from Diesal and he sat up, both guys jerking each other off as they watched the porn. With a drizzle of lube on each of the rock hard cocks, the boys put in some hard wrist action as they both got closer to being ready to cum. Taking control of his own cock, Diesal suddenly sprayed cum into the air, splattering his shoulder and hand while Mike was only a minute after him, liberally spraying himself over the chest and thighs. Diesal revealed he got cum in his armpit and that BSB member Miss Diedra would love it. Both guys will be back sometime soon so keep a close eye on the weekly updates.

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