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Brock Takes One For The Team & Fucks Blake For Extra $20

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Blake White, Brock Reynolds

" Warning: This gay adult video on Broke Straight Boys features verbal abuse that may be uncomfortable or triggering for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. The content in this video does not condone or encourage any form of physical or emotional abuse. It is intended solely for entertainment purposes only. "

Broke Straight Boy Brock takes dirty talk to another level.

Dominant Brock holds onto shy Blake as they make out passionately in front of the camera. Blake and Brock intertwine tongues while only wearing their underwear. As they prepare for their intimate encounter, Brock confidently displays his dominance by wearing the colorful underwear while Blake appears more reserved in his blue briefs. Despite their initial differences, both men are eager to explore each other's bodies while they begin to tease and pleasure one another. Suddenly Blake let out a soft moan as Brock began to suck on his cock with determination. His lips wrapped tightly around Blake’s rigid shaft, and his tongue flickered against the sensitive head. Blake exchanges the favor and sucks on Brock's big dick, he can feel the warmth of breath on his neck. His hands gently caress Brock's muscular back while he takes the thick dick deep into his throat.

Brock moans in pleasure as Blake deepthroats him with ease. Brock then plays with Blakes ass with one finger probing it to add wetness. He teases it by circling his finger around the tight hole before finally feeling the inside. Without hesitation Brock takes on a dominant role, verbally degrading and humiliating Blake. With each word, it becomes clear that Brock is fully in control of the situation. Brock slides his large penis into Blake's tight, pink boy hole. The two men furiously fuck in doggy style, with Brock pounding away at Blake's body with a savage intensity. Throughout the entire scene, Blake's face turns an embarrassed shade of red as he struggles to keep up with Brock's intense sexual demands. However, despite the humiliation and degradation that Brock is inflicting upon him, it is clear that Blake is fully aroused by the experience, and eagerly submits to Brock's dominance.

There is no mercy for this bottom boy as Brock relentlessly degrades and humiliates him. With Blake lying helplessly on the bed, Brock gapes at his boy hole and offers him $20 to call his mother and humiliate himself further. Despite the extreme humiliation he is being subjected to, Blake remains silent and submissive, allowing Brock to continue his verbal abuse without any resistance or protest. Brock fucks Blake deep and raw. Suddenly he pulls out and shoots a massive sticky white cum load all over Blakes face. The cum oozes into Blakes mouth and down the side of his neck. Next it is Blakes turn to cum. He jerks off and shoots his load. With the scene coming to an end, both guys are relieved that it's over but also feel satisfied and fulfilled by what they have just experienced together.  Check out these guys in the before the gay sex scene and after the scene too. 

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