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Brock Reupholsters Pig Boy Wade's Tight Ass Hole

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Brock Reynolds, Wade Breedlove

Brock's Reupholstery Service, See Wade's Hairy Hole Get A Makeover!

When the passionate makeout session between Wade and Brock begins, it becomes increasingly clear who is in control of this sexual encounter. Brock seems to grow more confident in his dominance over Wade, as he firmly holds onto the back of Wade's head and deepens their kiss even further. Meanwhile, Wade appears to be fully submitting himself to Brock's sensual touch, as he feels his own hardening cock being teasingly stroked through the thin fabric of his white briefs. Brock orders Wade to suck on his massive dick, which Wade struggles to fully take in. As Wade attempts to deep throat Brock's cock, Brock taunts him with insulting comments about his abilities as a bottom. Despite the humiliation, Wade continues to suck on Brock. Brock instructs Wade on how to properly suck cock, emphasizing the importance of deep throating and not gagging too much.

While they continue to engage in oral sex, Brock becomes increasingly aggressive, insisting Wade do more sucking and less breathing. Meanwhile Wade remains fully submersed in the experience, eager to please his domineering partner. As the scene progresses, Brock makes a crude comparison between Wade's anal cavity and a used car, implying that it has been well-worn by previous partners. This comment seems to arouse both men even further, as they continue to explore each other's bodies in a variety of sexual positions. Brock confidently asserts his dominance over Wade, a chubby bottom with curly brown hair. While Brock degrades Wade, he promises to reupholster Wade's boy hole, implying that he will thoroughly fuck him with no remorse. Soon Wade's underwear comes off and his hairy hole is exposed for the camera to see.

Next Brock uses his fingers to probe deep into Wade's hairy pink hole. With Wade bent over on all fours, ass up and facing down, Brock takes advantage of the vulnerable position by spitting saliva onto the puckered anus. Suddenly Brock thrusts his cock in and out of Wade's warm, wet hole, causing both of them to moan with pleasure. Wade's skin turns a blush pink color from the erotic stimulation. Dominant Brock spanks Wade's ass while thrusting his dick into Wade's ass. Brock calls Wade a pig and humiliates the farm boy. Suddenly Wade flips onto his back and spreads his legs wide open. Brock slams Wade with cruel words and his big cock. Brock compares Wade's ass to a dumpster dive. Wade jerks off while begin fucked and reaches a moaning orgasm. Brock kneels over Wade's face and shoots a sticky white load into his mouth. Brock then throat fucks the cum into Wade's esophagus. The scene comes to an end with both guys completely exhausted.

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