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Find Out Why Jj Decided To Do Gay Porn And Why He Is Broke

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Introducing JJ, the mysterious 22 year old male model with an unbelievable physique. He is standing at an impressive 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighs a staggering 140 pounds. Sporting a farmer's tan, a six inch cock, and size ten feet this Idaho boy is ready for anything. When it comes to sexuality JJ explains that he identifies as seventy percent straight and thirty percent gay. One motivation for doing studio work for JJ is his pregnant wife. They are expecting a baby boy and will need the funds to support their family. This legendary hunk continues to challenge our perceptions of what it means to be truly sexually liberated. While flashing the camera his wedding ring he explains how he and his wife met in highschool and how they fell in love.

As for past gay experiences JJ had gotten drunk with a straight buddy and the alcohol had loosened him up enough to try something new. He reminisced on how he and this guy exchanged blowjobs. Then they both took things further by doing some ass fucking. JJ had slid his cock into his friend's tight hole and felt an intense rush of pleasure. After several minutes of hardcore anal sex, JJ couldn't hold back any longer and unloaded a massive load all over his friend's chest. While he enjoys oral and topping JJ has never bottomed before and suggests he may need a ton of lube.

JJ is a guy with a radiant personality that shines through in everything he does. His infectious laughter is something that instantly draws people towards him, and his warm smile is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. He absolutely adores receiving head from his partners. Giving him a good blow job is often the quickest way to get him nice and horny. JJ just can't get enough of that delicious feeling of warm wet stimulation on his cock. Lately he has been practicing some serious self-control when it comes to masturbation. Which resulted in him building up quite a significant amount of semen within his balls.

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