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My First Time Getting Fucked By Another Guy

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Duncan Story, Matt Heron

Matt and Duncan are positioned, clad in only their underwear, against the top of the bed. Exchanging saliva as they kiss each other gently, and then begin to run thier hands up and down each other's bodies. "You're first," Duncan initiates as he motions for Matt to remove his underwear. He does so, and Duncan follows, revealing his thick, hard cock standing at attention. Before long, Matt sucks Duncan's fat dick as he moans in ecstasy.

Duncan's turn to take cock in the mouth, he grips Matt's thickness with his lips as Matt moans, "just like that," quietly and deliberately. Duncan circles his head, nodding to get just the right motion to please Matt.

Being a well-seasoned top, Duncan's tight asshole needs some teasing before it's able to take Matt's cock. On his knees, he bends forward against the mattress, displaying his virgin asshole. Matt bends down and begins licking and fingering his hole. In and out with his thumb, Matt pulses in rhythm with Duncan's deep breaths.

Bracing for Matt's entry, Duncan takes a deep breath and releases it as Matt gently pumps his tip into Duncan's asshole. Further and deeper he goes, until Matt is able to feel his entire cock being sucked into Duncan's body. With great pleasure, Matt moans quietly. With great anticipation, Duncan's voice box starts and stops whenever Matt gets deep.

These straight guys take advantage of how good a gay fuck feels as Duncan lays on his side, feeling Matt's cock even deeper inside him. With a smirk and quick release of his breath, Duncan takes Matt's impressive penis in stride. "It's so big," he hesitates again. Matt bends over and begins kissing him, pumping him harder, Duncan's legs over his shoulders to expose his tight, now-used ass.

Picking up speed, Matt fucks like a true straight boy, using Duncan's hole as a fuck toy to be filled with cum. He moans as his hips move back and forth, building himself up and releasing his hot, sticky load deep inside Duncan's asshole. Newly anointed with its first assfull of cum, Duncan jerks his cock until he, too, experiences blissful release. Perhaps Matt's thick cock up his ass and his intense orgasm has changed Duncan's top-only philosophy!

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