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Duncan Story Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5.7 (170cm)
  • Weight: 142
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.58/5

In his own words:

"Just moved to Florida and figuring out working and meeting new people, enjoying life. "

Our comments:

"He is an open book and loves to talk and laugh and has a great sense of humor."

  • Matt And Duncan After The Scene

    Duncan is radiant and glowing from his actually, first-ever cock up the ass.

  • My First Time Getting Fucked

    Duncan's virgin hole gets fucked for the very first time by gentle-yet-decisive Matt.

  • Matt And Duncan Before The Scene

    Duncan has his work cut out for him. In need of big bucks to buy a house, he has been preparing all week for his first-ever bottoming.

  • Chris And Duncan After The Scene

    Chris can't even talk because if that orgasm, and Duncan can't wait to save his pay day for that dream home.

  • Massage Therapy With Happy Ending

    What starts out as an innocent post-workout massage leads to Duncan's dick and Chris's cock exploding in hot jizz.

  • Chris And Duncan Before The Scene

    Why are these boys so sore? Watch a quickie interview to get reacquainted with this new match-up.

  • Duncan And Ashton After The Scene

    Cum still dripping from his fingers, Duncan shares his opinions on rimming for the first time and Ashton insists he didn't enjoy himself, even though his fat, still-hard cock says differently.

  • Riding Duncans Fat Cock

    Foreplay is Duncan's forte as he tops to pleasure new-to-the-scene Ashton. 69 licks and a rimming prepares Ashton for his first fat cock on Broke Straight Boys.

  • Duncan And Ashton Before The Scene

    Both back for more cash, Ashton and Duncan are looking forward to pushing their limits and having new experiences with each other.

  • Mikey And Duncan After The Scene

    Mikey is satisfied with a dripping orgasm and cash, and Duncan is ready to experiment more with his sexual aggression in the near future.

  • Duncan Fucks Mikey Raw

    Duncan explores his rougher side as Mikey welcomes his cock with a tight ass and sexy moaning pleasure. The bareback ride satisfies them both as they combine cum all over Mikey’s front.

  • Mikey And Duncan Before The Scene

    Mikey and Duncan meet for the first time, both as novices wanting to explore their darker sides. They may enjoy straight fucking, but the nervous excitement between them is bound to expand their minds.

  • Nico And Duncan After The Scene

    After Duncan came all over Nico’s face, the guys get back on the futon and tell us how the scene went. Duncan wants to do more, and Nico may want to bottom more.

  • First Time Fucking Ass

    Nico is back, and is ready to give Duncan his ass. Watch as the guys please each other, before Duncan fucks Nico hard, and gives him a load to remember.

  • Nico And Duncan Before The Scene

    Nico is back, and this time he wants to bottom. Duncan has never done it with a guy, but will try anything once.

  • Getting To Know Duncan Story

    Duncan Story is laid-back, curious, and ready for (almost) anything. The Kansas native sits down with us and talks about his upbringings, experimenting with his sexuality, and moving to Orlando.

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