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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.44/5

In his own words:

"I like to save it up a few days before I cum."

Our comments:

"CJ is an 18 year old, very broke boy, who is straight and looking to make some money."

Producer comments:

"CJ is able to give great eye contact to the camera."

  • First Time Getting Fucked By A Guy

    This will be Damien's first time getting fucked. I have the guys do a train on each other as well. Don't miss this hot scene.

  • Making Big Bucks Doing Gay For Pay

    CJ and Damien are at it again in this scene. They seems to keep coming back and I know why because there is nowhere else they will make this much money that's legal.

  • You Can Fuck Me But I Wont Kiss You

    I start with an interesting interview with CJ about why he does this and what he has been doing with the money. CJ refuses to kiss a guy but is ok with a guy pounding his ass.

  • Friends In Life But Gay Porn Buds

    These guys are friends and hangout outside of the studio. Well they also are partners in some scenes on BSB. I'm not sure if that makes things weird or not lol.

  • $800 To Suck A Guys Dick?

    I offered Shane and CJ $800.00 each to suck each others cocks. Will they do it for $800? Watch the scene and find out how broke these guys really are.

  • Hey Twenty Dollars Is $20.00 Right?

    I put Corey with CJ because it looks like Corey has been watching CJ and wanted to go a scene with him. See what I get these boys to do for $1,500.

  • Cody Is Hesitant To Get Cock Sucked

    This is Cody first scene with another guy. He is saying no to everything I ask him to do but every guy has his price and Cody is no different.

  • Girls Love That I Do Gay Porn

    The members wanted to see Austin and CJ together so I put them together in this scene. They have been getting recognized since they are on the site now. See what they do in this scene.

  • I Like Beer, Camping & Gay Porn

    CJ got back from a camping trip and likes to drink beer. It sounds like he had a good time but needs money again so I brought him in to help out this new guy Cody.

  • You Forgot To Bring The Girls Bro

    These guys were supposed to bring their girlfriends but apparently they are hungover from the night before. So I get these guys to suck each others cock instead.

  • I'd Rather Be Fucking Hot Chicks

    The straight guys said they would rather fuck hot chicks. It's too bad they didn't come today and they are going to end up fucking each other.

  • Straight Boy Logan Cherry Popping

    In this scene hot boy Logan bottoms for the first time. The lucky straight boy to fuck him is Tyler Evans. CJ is also in this scene and will be getting some dick too.

  • Straight Guys Do A Train Suckoff

    Logan, CJ and Shane are in this hot 3 some. Can you guess which of these boys is going to get fucked?

  • Guys Cum In Underwear For Charity

    This was the members choice from awhile ago. We also have the guys cum in their underwear and on the sheets and it goes to a member that won an auction. Money goes to charity.

  • Blew Radiator Blows Guy To Pay It

    Logan is back and this time he is with hottie CJ. CJ blew his transmission on his car so now he's gotta blow Logan to pay for it.

  • We Pay Bros To Suck Bros Cocks

    Straight guys Dustin, Tyler, and CJ are back. We are warming these guys up with sucking each others cock in this scene. We had fun joking around in the beginning.

  • Guys Tell Director Want 1k To Fuck

    I start to talk but Dustin tell me they already discussed everything with each other and they want 1,200 each to fuck and make a great scene. I agree with them and they put on a great scene.

  • Outdoor Camping 5 Guy Orgy

    I took a group of models out on a little hiking trip to change things up and do something different than what they're use to at the studio. All the guys were excited for a chance to make some great money.

  • Sucking My Neighbors Son's Cock

    JC contacted us to see if we would use him as a model, because he was interested I making the cash. Another reason he was interested in becoming a model was because he wanted to experiment as well.

  • Tyler Dominates Cj's Ass

    CJ and Tyler came back for another shoot, and I was pumped to do this shoot. Both these boys are hot, young, hard cocks all the time, and easy to work with. They love putting on a show for the camera.

  • Straight Boy Orgy Gay Porn For Cash

    Don't miss this hot straight boy orgy. Newbies Ryan and Dustin and two of your favoites Tyler and CJ. This one is gonna be hot.

  • Cj Agrees To Let Ethan Fuck Him

    The economy is not so good and Ethan and CJ are back to make way more cash. This time they are really broke so we get them to really open the doors. CJ is really broke and willing so that is perfect for us.

  • Eat My Ass Straight Boy

    Our members can't get enough of CJ so here he is once again. This time, Ethan is here and gets a taste of CJ's wonderfully hot ass.

  • Bad Boy Comes In To Do Gay Porn

    CJ was interested enough in making more money to come back to our studio and make a bigger pay check. We bring in a new face - Billy - who gets the lucky job of playing with CJ and making sure that he earns that money.

  • Breaking In Straight 18 Year Old

    Check CJ out... 18, extremely hot, and of course, broke! For us, this is a very good thing. He has become one of our most popular models and we are breaking him in slowly.

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  • ndamood4sum on 09/19/2021

    I don't think CJ gets much appreciation. He was one of my favorite guys on the site and loved that guy, he doesn't say much but he's a real trooper. Whatever they asked of him, he did it. About midway through his time at BSB he be working himself up and ready to suck dick before David was done with the interview. Oh and his stories about jerking off with his cousin or jerking off in his car while driving were always great to hear. I wonder if he continued getting fucked after he left BSB. I think he liked it too much not to.

    • morph16 on 04/13/2020

      I would love to know where some of them are today.

      • eddiegrm on 01/20/2021

        try youtube d&e productions. He's posted a couple of "where are they now" videos He mentions CJ in one of them.

        • smythe62 on 09/15/2022

          Updates on all the guys on YouTube .

        • kevwil93 on 11/04/2017

          I haven't been to any of these sites for years now. I just came back to take another look at CJ. Always my favorite and always will be. I don't know what he's up to these days, but I hope he's living an incredible life.

          • roncaddy on 10/03/2018

            That is so funny cause I joined for the same reason. I have always loved CJ and needed to see him again. I have lost my downloaded clips.

            • smythe62 on 09/15/2022

              Hes really fat now according to director who posts updates on YouTube.

        • jackson1 on 05/21/2014

          is he gay or straight?

          • RedAce95 on 10/31/2017

            Straight,he just liked anal stimulation

          • JamesAraneta182 on 08/29/2013

            Where is CJ?