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Getting To Know Izzy Danger

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Coming to us from East Tennessee is this dark-haired stud Izzy Danger, ready to bring you a good time. Born in a big family (six siblings), he describes himself as a late bloomer. He lost his virginity at 19 years old, though he tells us it was “horrible”. He got better with more experience, as it usually happens. But he was right on time discovering porn, which he found as a teenager. He tells us what “the stranger” is, which is a new one for us.

Izzy is pansexual, and is open to be with whoever he can clique with. Sexually he is attracted to the entire gender spectrum, which allows him to focus on passion and connection during sex. After experimenting on Grindr for a few months, he got into porn and is loving it so far. Off camera, you can catch him hiking, making new friends, and headbanging at heavy metal concerts. This guys is charming to say the least, so we are excited to see what he brings to BSB when we pair him with our guys.

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