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Zeke Weidman Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5.8 (173cm)
  • Weight: 150
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 7.5 (19cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.55/5

In his own words:

""I am a laid back guy that loves spending time with my friends.""

Our comments:

"Zeke is quiet at first but opens up once you get to know him. He is one of the kindest guys we have met and is always willing to lend a helping hand. "

  • Zeke And Jos After The Scene

    Jos took Zeke’s dick nice and hard. Now the boys sit down with us to talk about dominant roles, cum swapping, and what gets Zeke to be in control.

  • Zeke Pounding Jos' Tight Ass

    Zeke tries his hand at being a top this time, and Jos is ready to take him. The boys warm up with a kiss and some foreplay, before Jos gives his ass up to Zeke.

  • Zeke And Jos Before The Scene

    Zeke and Jos are back to give us another scene together. This time, Zeke wants to top. Let’s see if Jos can take it, and how hard Zeke will give it to him.

  • Charlie And Zeke After The Scene

    Charlie just took things further than he thought with Zeke, and we catch up with the Georgia native to hear his thoughts about being with a guy for the first time.

  • Charlie's First Time With A Guy

    Charlie's never had sex with a guy. In fact he's never kissed one. Zeke warms him up and makes him comfortable, but when the walls come down, Charlie lets Zeke take him to new heights.

  • Charlie And Zeke Before The Scene

    Charlie has never been with a guy, so we paired him up with Zeke to show him the ropes. Shy at first, Zeke begins to break barriers and lean into new experiences when Charlie takes control.

  • Jordan And Zeke After The Scene

    We get Jordan and Zeke on the couch after some hot sex to get their thoughts. Jordan loves getting the chance to be more dominant, and Zeke loved pushing Jordan to new limits.

  • Zeke Welcomes Jordan With His Cock

    Zeke made a new friend recently, and gets curious about what he's packing. When new guy Jordan lets Zeke suck his dick, Zeke quickly convinces him to go further. Before long, Zeke is on all fours taking every inch of Jordan's uncut cock.

  • Jordan And Zeke Before The Scene

    Zeke is back, and we paired him up with our charming new guy Jordan. The boys talk about intimacy and fetishes, and give us a taste of their sex life. When they share a long kiss, we can only imagine what comes next.

  • After The Scene Zeke And Gage

    Zeke and Gage give their honest opinion about their performance in their recent scene. See what they each have to say about it!

  • Gage Treats Zeke To Some Fucking

    Gage treats Zeke to some oral, deepthroating his cock before he bends him over and fucks him into the bed with his raw dick!

  • Before The Scene Zeke And Gage

    Find out what Zeke and Gage have learned about themselves through their life, and what they've learned about each other in this pre-scene interview!

  • After The Scene Zeke And Lucas

    Lucas and Zeke encountered some surprises in their scene, but that didn't stop them from making it a great one! Hear their thoughts on it in this behind the scenes interview!

  • Zeke 69s And Fucks Lucas Bareback

    Zeke reaches all the right places as he fucks Lucas with his bareback cock, pounding him until they both nut hard!

  • Before The Scene Zeke And Lucas

    Zeke and Lucas haven't had a chance to learn too much about each other, so we see what common interests they may have as we ask them some quick questions!

  • After The Scene Zeke And Chase

    Zeke and Chase tell you about their experience of their scene as they cool down and catch their breath, still entwined on the bed and covered in cum!

  • Zeke Fucks Chase Daniels Deep

    There's tons of hot action between Zeke and Chase in this scene! Zeke gets a mouthful of Chase's cock and ass before bending Chase over and filling him up with his hard dick!

  • Before The Scene Zeke And Chase

    Today Zeke and Chase chat with us about their upcoming scene and give each other some advice!

  • After The Scene Jos And Zeke

    Stick around after Zeke and Jos fuck and listen to their discussion about what they think makes for the best possible scene.

  • Jos Shows Zeke Weidman How To Fuck

    Jos and Zeke have very fun chemistry together, and it shows once they start sucking cock and 69ing! Zeke gets his hole filled with Jos's dick until they're both cumming hard!

  • Before The Scene Jos And Zeke

    Jos and Zeke have been able to get to know each other pretty well during their time at the house. And now they're prepping to get to know one another on a whole new level as they get ready for their scene!

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  • dnutz355 on 09/18/2021

    Is he coming back???

    • dnutz355 on 12/02/2020

      Is he coming back?

      • dnutz355 on 09/25/2020

        I mean..... sexy as can for for real. Would love to continue to see more and more..... add some kink into it would be hot. Question is.... coming into this straight... it seems “finding yourself” maybe you’re bi or even more towards gay now?

        • bchill on 07/27/2020

          Zeke clearly loves to bottom. He's one of the few that gets hard even before it starts and stays hard the entire time. Hot. He's hardly straight, though. ;-)

          • Ahills26 on 05/30/2020

            Welcome - enjoyed every second with Jos - looking forward to an interview scene and much more

            • morph16 on 05/27/2020

              Welcome Zeke = you have a fan.

              • jwhite11209 on 05/27/2020

                If I could make a suggestion, please learn to swallow cum like others do. That’s fucking hot and always gets a top rating.

                • jwhite11209 on 05/27/2020

                  I think I get why you didn’t do a jo scene. Good. This is not your first rodeo. You’re an amazing bottom and a great top I would like to see you bottom with Calhoun, and you could top every twink on this site. (That will keep you busy, alas.)

                  • Ron593 on 05/25/2020

                    Ron593 on 05/25/2020 Zeke, you’re a very passionate performer. I love your concentration and commitment. I love that you’re an active, aggressive bottom. Please stick around for a very long time.

                    • James13 on 05/25/2020

                      Very handsome Great bottom !