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Charlie's First Time With A Guy Get My Cherry Popped

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Zeke Weidman, Charlie Knox

Charlie has never been with a guy, but was really curious to try it. When he walks in the room with his friend Zeke, he’s a little nervous at first. The boys begin to kiss as Zeke takes a dominant role to calm his friend. The ice begins to break when their clothes come off and Zeke sucks Charlie off. “Shit, you know what you’re doing!” Charlie tells Zeke while he lies back and gets head. Picking up on his change in energy, Zeke goes further and asks begins eating Charlie’s ass.

Charlie says that he finds the new sensation of having his ass eaten to be a little odd at first, but his moaning proves otherwise as Zeke continues rimming him, before putting a finger inside him. “Go easy man” Charlie says, wincing as his hole clings deep on to Zeke’s finger. Feeling more relaxed, Zeke convinces Charlie to get on all fours and take Zeke’s cock.

Zeke rolls his eyes back while he fucks Charlie doggy style, beating his ass like a drum with each stroke. Charlie squirms while getting pounded by Zeke’s large dick, with the look on his face of both pain and pleasure. When Charlie gets flipped onto his back, he lets Zeke give it to him hard, biting his lip as Zeke goes in balls deep. Zeke pulls out and cums hard all over Charlie, which leaves Charlie to shoot a load on his chest. Zeke broke the ice, and the hole, giving Charlie a first time he’ll never forget.

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