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James Gets His Ass Rimmed And Spread Open By Blaze

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James Dawn, Blaze Austin

James Dawn kisses and sucks his way down Blaze Austin’s body until he reaches that big dick, pulling it between his lips and giving Blaze some incredible oral.  Blaze treats James to some good head next, laying him back on the bed and sucking on that thick shaft.  Blaze bends James’s legs up and spreads that ass, licking and rimming James’s tight hole as he gets him loosened up and relaxed to take Blaze’s cock.  As Blaze slowly pushes inside James, James cries out as that big shaft stretches his ass apart. 

Blaze pounds him raw on the bed, burying himself balls deep before moving to the chair and having James straddle him, riding his dick as they kiss.  But Blaze wants that ass harder, faster, deeper and he throws James onto the bed to take him how he wants him.  James works his own cock as he gets fucked by Blaze and with Blaze’s rock hard prick inside of him he strokes out a nice big load.  When Blaze sees all that hot cum from James’s dick he pulls out and add his own jizz to it, spilling his seed all over tired and sore James.

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