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James Dawn Add to Favorites
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 145
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 8.5 (22cm) Uncut
  • Performer Rating: 4.64/5

In his own words:

"I am shy and reserved at first but once you get to know me I open up well. My girl has no problem with me making money as long as I am not having sex with another girl. "

Our comments:

"James is one of the greatest guys you will ever meet. He came to us open to doing anything to make money, so we think we may have found our next star bottom. "

  • After The Scene Blake And James

    Enjoy a quick after-scene check in with Blake and James before they hit the shower!

  • Blake Ellis Pounding James Hole

    In today's update Blake takes on James Dawn's tight-firm ass. Sticking his cock deep inside and out slowly until they both explode.

  • Before The Scene Blake And James

    Join us as we chat with James and Blake before they get ready to undress and fuck!

  • Tesla On Autopilot While These Guys Fuck

    If you got to spend your commute doing anything you wanted. What would you do? For James and Calhoun, the obvious answer is to fuck in the back seat on autopilot!

  • After The Scene Ethan And James

    Ethan and James have a lot to tell us about their scene, and we're eager to hear their side of this very sexy encounter.

  • James Legs Spread Open For Ethan

    Ethan dominates the fuck out of James, making him whimper with pleasure and beg for more until he can't hold his cum in any longer!

  • Before The Scene Ethan And James

    Before James and Ethan get to sucking and fucking, we chat with them about their thoughts on the upcoming sex scene!

  • Gay Porn Stars Casey & James Real Talk

    Get in on some real talk between Casey and James as the guys hang out in the kitchen and make brownies. It might not be quite the conversation you'd expect!

  • Gay Porn Star James Dawn Shower Talk

    While James relaxes in the shower and washes himself off, we ask him a few questions about how things are going for him here on BSB.

  • After The Scene Blaze And James

    Blaze and James spend a few minutes with us after their sexy scene, giving us the inside scoop on their favorite parts!

  • James Rimmed And Fucked By Blaze

    James gets his tight little ass rimmed, spread open and pounded by Blaze's raw prick!

  • Before The Scene Blaze And James

    We let James and Blaze run this behind the scenes interview for a bit before taking over again and asking the guys about their best turn ons!

  • After The Scene Masyn And James

    Before Masyn and James go enjoy the rest of their evening, we sit them down and chat with them about how their scene went!

  • James Gets Fucked By Masyn Raw

    James busts a nut with Masyn's cock buried deep inside his ass after he gets fucked hard by eager and horny Masyn!

  • Before The Scene Masyn And James

    In this free before the scene update, Masyn and James share what they've learned about each other and James tells us how he got himself put on bed rest while he was away...

  • After The Scene Ryan And James

    Ryan and James share their thoughts on their recent scene and what they enjoyed most!

  • James On All Fours Fucked By Ryan

    Ryan Parks finds a new use for his belt as he gets James Dawn on all fours and dominates the fuck out of him!

  • Before The Scene Ryan And James

    Check in with Ryan and James before their scene and see what they each have to say about one another!

  • After The Scene Casey And James

    We just got a very sexy scene from Casey and James, and now we sit down with these two and discuss just how pleasurable it was for them, too!

  • James Taking Every Inch Of Casey's Cock

    Enjoy watching as Casey and James kiss and lick each other until they're both rock hard, and James bends over to take Casey's unwrapped cock!

  • Before The Scene Casey And James

    Join us for a pre-scene interview with James and Casey and find out what these guys are craving from their upcoming scene!

  • After The Scene Jos And James

    James and Jos talk with us after their scene, sharing their favorite parts!

  • Jos Sticks His Dick Inside James

    Jos fucks James deep and raw, his cock throbbing hard after getting it sucked by James's skilled mouth!

  • Before The Scene Jos And James

    Jos and James are up bright and early to fuck for you...but before they get started, we ask them a few questions about what they've learned this week.

  • After The Scene Cody And James

    In this post-scene interview, James and Cody tell us their experiences during this super hot scene!

  • Cody Pounding James Tight Ass Raw

    Cody Smith and James Dawn start off kissing each other until James takes the initiative to suck on Cody's long shaft.

  • Before The Scene Cody And James

    Before these guys fuck, Cody and James share with us their thoughts on watching their own scenes...their answers might surprise you!

  • After The Scene Calhoun And James

    Hear about James and Calhoun's thoughts on their scene together...what they liked, what they learned, and what they're going to do the rest of the day!

  • Two Straight Guys Have Gay Sex Raw

    Calhoun Sawyer starts off sucking James's cock, getting him nice and hard before sucking on James's toes and fucking him doggy-style.

  • Before The Scene Calhoun And James

    Sit with James and Calhoun before they fuck and see what's on their mind!

  • After The Scene With James Dawn

    Check in with James Dawn after his solo scene and see how he felt about his first shoot with BSB!

  • Sexy James Dawn Jerks Himself Off

    New down to earth young man has come into our studio to jerk off on camera for some extra cash.

  • Before The Scene With James Dawn

    In this free bonus behind the scenes update: Meet James Dawn, our newest model, who tells us how he found himself here and what he's all about!

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  • shighberg on 09/08/2022

    Totally dislike this before-scene-after separate videos especially with a download limit.

    • VrchKrivan on 09/03/2021

      He has something from angel and from devil at the same time. I can't stop watching at him, I still cannot believe there is such a cute person. God bless you James!

      • kale22 on 02/07/2021

        James is one of my favorites! I love to watch him bottom! I'd love to see him back and doing more scenes!

        • anonymous on 02/04/2021

          Omg I am obsessed with James, he is the hottest BSB, his moans are so sexy. I need so many more videos with him!!

          • anonymous on 02/04/2021

            James is my favorite BSB, need like 100 more vids please lol

            • Heinrich18 on 10/13/2020

              I hope you will show more vids with James and his incredible smile.

              • lillegutt on 09/22/2020

                I wouldn't mind seeing him top

                • BROKE1 on 06/13/2020

                  I like the that he is straight and enjoys gay sex

                  • Bartirah on 03/10/2020

                    James is so hot! I love the way he smiles all the time. Oh, and his eyes... Amazing guy!

                    • BSBJamesdawn on 04/19/2020

                      I smile all the time because I know what I'm in store for before each scene and I smile harder after each scene because I had alot of fun lol

                    • br6205 on 02/28/2020

                      I agree plys a power bottom. Hope we keep him along time unlike others that I have seen on other sites I am a member of.

                      • BSBJamesDawn on 03/05/2020

                        I hope to stay with the BSB house for a long time too :) I look forward to every trip I make :)

                        • br6205 on 04/01/2020

                          I would like to add with further episodes he appears to love guy sex & in my opinion does so in private life . Great James.

                          • BSBJamesDawn on 04/12/2020

                            I just like big things in my ass lol

                            • bigfatdave on 04/27/2020

                              Hot dude. I like the idea of a straight man who's in touch with having his ass messed with and is willing be with a guy to have that happen. I mean, I realize there's a performative aspect to this, but those guys can't their hands off of you after a turn at that ass. It's nice to see. Doesn't mean anything....Nobody has to be gay or bi. Just two dudes helping each other. Hot as fuck.

                          • br6205 on 06/09/2020

                            Update he now appears on another well known good site mainly as a bottom with 1 flip scene

                            • br6205 on 07/20/2020

                              I just saw he is on amother site as a top! I understand it is all about money which I can not condemn but it is still a disappointment for me.