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James Dawn On All Fours Fucked By Ryan Parks Big Cock

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Ryan Parks , James Dawn

James Dawn and Ryan Parks have fun with their foreplay, taking their time and giving lots of attention to each other’s big dicks.  Ryan treats James to oral first, licking and sucking and deepthroating that cock before getting head from James next.  But Ryan wants to taste more of James, turning him onto his stomach so Ryan can bury his face in that ass and rim that sweet little hole.  After Ryan makes James squirm with his mouth, he pulls him up to doggy style and pushes his bareback cock into him. 

James moans as he gets pounded and Ryan wraps his belt around James’s neck and pulls, dominating James so hard.  Ryan pushes James’s face into the bed as he fucks him, directing him where he wants with the belt around his neck, fucking him in any position he can.  Ryan pumps his raw dick into James until he’s nearly pushing him off the bed with the force of his thrusts.  Ryan finally gives a little control back to James, letting him climb on top and ride his dick until they both cum hard!

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