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Blake Ellis Pounding Deep Inside James Dawns Tight Hole

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Blake Ellis, James Dawn

James Dawn doesn’t waste any time going down on Blake Ellis, kissing him deeply before pulling Blake’s pants down and taking that long, thick shaft in his mouth.  Blake encourages him, pushing his cock deeper as he holds James’ head in place and thrusts into that wet mouth.  They swap places so James can get his hard prick deepthroated by Blake. James moans as Blake teases the tip of his sensitive cock, reaching down to play with his own meat before James bends over so Blake can eat his hole.  Blake pounces on that ass, tasting it as he runs his lips and tongue all over before slipping his throbbing dick inside of it.  

Blake lets James warm up for just a minute before he pushes harder and deeper, fucking him raw doggy style.  Blake pulls James on top of him, driving his prick faster into that tight ass and letting James ride it a little.  Flipping onto his stomach, James gets wrecked by Blake’s cock, Blake’s balls slapping against him as he pounds him harder until he pulls out and nuts across James’ back.  Turning over, James strokes his prick, working that dick and cumming all over himself.

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with James Dawn and Blake Elliis.

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