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Grey Donovan Jerks Off

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Grey Donovan

Grey Donovan isn’t totally new to porn since he’s showed up on one of our affiliated sites, but since this is the first time he’s shown his handsome face on BSB, he gets to warm up with a solo scene.  This horny guy usually jerks it at least twice a day, but we’ve been asking him to save that cum for today so he can shoot a nice big load for you.  As he drops his clothes and grabs his dick, he lies back on the bed and runs his hand over his shaft and balls, working that cock as he grows harder by the minute. 

He stands up from the bed, cock still grasped in his hand, stroking and touching himself before getting back on the bed and yanking on that dick harder and faster.  His hips thrust in time with each stroke of his hand, pushing the full length of his prick through his fingers as his hand slaps against his body.  Lying back on the bed, his breathing faster and harder, he massages that cock, focusing his touches on the sensitive head until he nuts hard, covering his pelvis in cum!

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