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Tyler Evans, Nu, Dustin

Digging through old shoots I found a shoot with Dustin after he just started working with us. In it Dustin came back for some more work for gas money, and so I planned on putting him in an easy solo shoot. He had done work with us before, and has become a favorite here on with members. Dustin is straight, and has a job working in retail making crappy money. He was 21, just broken up with his girlfriend at the time, and that was one reason why he decided to do porn. Looking over his body, he seemed to be in good shape and he said that he like to work out. I had him stand up for me and lift his shirt to see his chest. He was semi-tone, had a nice tan going for him, and the best part was the neatly trimmed happy trail that led to his cock. Spinning around he showed his ass to the camera, and admitted that he had a big booty. Explaining to Dustin that I had two guys for him to do the shoot with, and they were going to fuck him. He laughed and said no way. There was no way that he would take a dick up the ass for any money that we would offer him. But, if it was right, he would fuck them. I told him that the first guy I was going to bring in was Tyler who has been a fan favorite here on and as I said that he took a seat next to Dustin on the couch. The other boy was Nu, who was a surfer boy, and has done a couple of shoots with us as well. Telling Dustin about Nu's tan, I even had Nu show some skin to prove it. I told them that we wanted to see some fucking happen, but also had requests from members for kissing. The guys just raised concern about the kissing, however were open to the idea. To get started I had the guys stand up to take their shirts off. All three of them seemed to race and peel them off at the same time. We joked around about Tyler being, so pale white compared to everyone else. The guys took a seat on the couch and started to play with their cocks inside their shorts. I turned around to grab something and when I looked back they had their cocks out jerking off. To make things a little more comfortable, I told them to take the rest of their clothes off. Nu was the first one to be completely naked, and all three sat on the couch watching porn that I had on. Nu leaned over and started to suck on Tyler's cock without me saying anything. Tyler sat there for a moment enjoying the blow job, and then he attempted to reach over to jerk off Dustin. It was proving to be difficult to move his wrist around, so he leaned more of his body over and took Dustin's dick in his mouth. The three of them were able to keep this train of dick sucking going for a while. Nu got up and moved to being on the floor in front of Dustin. This waas where he joined in with Tyler on sucking on Dustin's cock. One would give head while the other one would suck on his balls, then they would switch. I asked Dustin if he liked it and he said yes with a smile on his face. I asked them if they were ready to start the fucking, and Dustin was really the only one that I heard a yes from. Changing the couch into a bed, they decided that Nu would go first. He admitted that he had only had one finger up his ass before, and was nervous that it was going to hurt. I told him to lie on his back, because that was going to be the easiest position. Dustin moved quickly to get a condom on, and applied some lube to this dick and Nu's ass. I told Nu to give Tyler head at the same time, this way he would have something to concentrate on. As Dustin's cock started to push its way into Nu's virgin ass, Nu told him to slow down. He applied his hand to Dustin's thigh to slow him down as well. I didn't want to rush things, so that Nu would get comfortable. We just let them take their time. However, once Dustin's dick was all the way inside, he started to pull out slowly and pushed his dick right back in. Repeating this motion again, he was very gentle to start with. Then, the more that Nu seemed to like it, the faster and harder Dustin seemed to fuck. The pounding got to a pretty good rhythm, and it seemed like Nu was going to blow his load while getting fucked. Sure enough, it didn't take long before he came all over himself. His load covered his chest in cum, and proved that he did like the dick in his ass. Nu said that it hurt like hell, but at the same time he liked it. Moving on to Tyler, it was now his turn to take one up the ass. He decided to be on his back as well. Dustin put on a new condom, and he wasted no time before he was pushing his dick inside Tyler's tight hole. It was just a vide that I got, but something told me that Dustin liked Tyler. They seemed to be fucking more intensely, and watching them was very hot. At one point, Nu and Dustin kissed, and they did it for a minute or so. Then, Dustin broke away, and went to kissing Tyler. As Tyler and him kissed, the fucking went faster, and harder. My hope was that Tyler too would be able to get off being fucked, but after a while it didn't seem like Dustin was going to be able to keep going. Dustin pulled his cock out, and the three guys jerked off. Dustin blew his load all over his hand and Tyler's cock. Then, after a minute Tyler shot his load all over his chest, and he got a couple big squirts that we were able to see. After everything was done, the guys were ready to get paid. However, I told them to go hop in the shower first, before they touched their money. The guys ended the shoot with a guy's handshake, and they did a great job in this shoot.

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