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Ethan Decides To Skip Wrestling & Rim Xavier's Ass & Fuck

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Xavier Ryan, Ethan Erickson

Feisty Xavier Ryan pushes Ethan Erickson down onto the couch, kissing him hard before finding himself underneath Ethan next as Ethan slowly grinds his hips against Xavier’s ass.  Getting himself worked up, Ethan humps Xavier a little longer before pulling down Xavier’s underwear and getting a taste of that ass as he rims his sensitive hole.  When Xavier’s entrance is dripping wet with Ethan’s spit, he pulls his own underwear down and pushes his prick into Xavier’s ass, pausing inside of him to give Xavier a minute to adjust to his size before pushing his hips against and him and fucking him deep. 

After pounding Xavier hard and raw, Ethan pauses to suck Xavier’s cock, his soft lips wrapping around that shaft as he works that prick with his mouth and then pushes his own throbbing hard cock back into Xavier’s hole.  Each of Ethan’s powerful thrusts makes Xavier’s breath escape from between his parted lips as he takes that cock like a pro until Ethan pulls out and moves forward to straddle Xavier’s face, making him suck on his balls before taking him again in a whole new position.  Legs spread and Ethan’s dick inside of him, Xavier jerks his own cock until he shoots his load and Ethan barely pulls out in time to nut, spreading his cum on Xavier as he milks every drop from his pulsing cock.

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