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The Moment Of Truth - Broke Straight Boys Tv Episode 3

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The next installment of the BSB TV is here, and this episode gives you a new appreciation for the models and the struggles that they face because of the industry they work in.  In a world where everyone is connected, it’s awfully hard to keep secrets, and the boys find that out first hand as they battle to keep their porn life under wraps for as long as possible.  But when friends, girlfriends, and family find out, next comes the damage control, and sometimes that means letting go of friends who can’t support the model’s choices.

Each guy deals with this inevitable scenario in his own way, and you get to watch the drama unfold for poor Sergio as Kaden coaches him through it before putting those personal issues aside to film their scene together.  But it’s not only the guys’ existing relationships that suffer, starting new ones can prove to be even harder as Kaden finds out first-hand when he goes on a date and reveals that he’s in gay porn.  Despite the negative reactions they often receive, these guys take it in stride and keep their chin up, always staying confident and optimistic!

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