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Logan's First Time Fucking Another Dude With Zander Floyd

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Zander Floyd, Logan Slater

Logan Slater is one of our newbies here on BSB, and after smashing out a great solo scene he’s ready to move on to bigger things…like Zander Floyd’s cock!  Logan is nervous about having a dude’s dick in his mouth, but Zander proves to be a great teacher as he leads Logan into it slowly.  They get a few kisses in before Zander decides to show Logan how to give head by demonstrating on Logan’s own dick, stripping off Logan’s pants and taking his cock in his mouth, massaging it with his lips and tongue.

The more Zander works that prick, the bigger it grows as Logan watches him do his thing, trying to learn as much as he can so that when it comes time for him to blow Zander he knows what he’s doing.  As Logan wraps his lips around Zander’s dick it comes almost naturally, sucking that cock and kissing Zander’s shaft, making Zander throbbing hard…pretty damn good for a first-timer!

Zander invites Logan into his ass next, letting Logan spread some lube on Zander’s entrance before sliding his bareback cock inside and fucking him good!  Logan obviously doesn’t need much practice in this department as he grabs Zander’s hips and slams into him raw and hard, making Zander come as he strokes his big dick. But Logan’s been waiting to release, and he shoots a huge load across Zander’s back and ass, finishing this hot scene with one hell of a cumshot!

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